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The unique BECO PROTECT TS depth filter cartridge from Eaton’s Begerow Product Line combines two filter cartridge elements, thus offering significantly greater filter surface area with fine filter material. This innovation leads to lower blocking tendency, resulting in twice the filter service life compared with conventional standard filter cartridges.
Depth filter cartridges from BECO PROTECT TS range are used in a variety of applications in the beverage and food industry.

The specific advantages of BECO PROTECT TS depth filter cartridges:

– Filter service life doubled
– 100% more filter surface area with fine filter material
– Higher throughput at lower differential pressure
– Substitute for more expensive pleated depth filter cartridges, hence better cost-effectiveness
– High retention ratings for a reliable separation effect, ß ratio ≥ 5000 or ≥ 99.98% efficiency for defined particles
– High dirt holding capacity
– Back-washable up to 29 psi (200 kPa, 2 bar) at 176 °F (80 °C)
– High chemical resistance due to 100% polypropylene