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Phytokoll VIP – a VEGAN friendly fining agent for juices, vinegar, red and white wines.

Phytokoll VIP is suitable for static clarification of red and white wine musts in order to avoid or to reduce the oxidiszng phenomena.
Furthermore it safeguards the aroma and tasting freshness for a long time.
This product diminishes the astringency and enhances the brilliance and the filterability in red wines while preserving the original organoleptic characteristics of wine.

Phytokoll VIP can guarantee:
* high brilliance power, improving subsequent filtering operations;
* compact and low lees;
* better aromatic cleanliness;
* better colour stabilization in white wines, eliminating more oxidized fractions;
* better colour stabilization in red wines, preserving colour intensity and hue;

Vegan Friendly & Allergen Free Fining Agent

Packaged in 500 gram format