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The “big brother” to the Apollo Egg Tank, the Orion was principally designed as a two-ton closed fermentor, and may also be used for long term storage. The Orion has molded-in recesses in the bottom of the tank that index into protrusions on the base.

This tank comes standard with:

- Outward opening manway

- Pallet base with a pass-through hole on center for access from underneath

- SV1T Sample Valve

- FL1 Fermentation Lock

With the Orion Max Plus, you can drain your liquids and solids more easily with a 4" VF4 bottom drain and extra clearance thanks to a new galvanized base frame with four adjustable feet. 

Dimensions: 56"x56"x94"
OTR: 6mg/l
Barrel Equivalent: Neutral
Volume: 528 Gallons (approx 1999 L)

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