Inside the Bottle: AOW August Newsletter

Inside the Bottle: AOW August Newsletter

AO Wilson

Some insider tips + tricks of the trade and what's happening at AO Wilson

The Scoop

The research conducted at Oregon State University has demonstrated that the existence of thiophenols can serve as a marker of compromised harvests and grapes tainted by wildfire smoke.

Could this groundbreaking research pave the way to offer insight on removing the affects of smoke taint?

We'll let you be the judge! Read about it here

Harvest is around the corner! Download our Pre-Harvest Bottling Checklist Here and Stay Organized.

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Founded in 2013, Collective Arts fuses innovative beverages with the talents of emerging artists from around the world.  Their goal is to create a locally relevant, globally iconic lifestyle brand, focused on providing emerging artists with a platform to be discovered and shared. They believe that a creative world is a better world, and they're on a mission to bring inspiration, collaboration and creativity into the everyday.

Collective Arts has been a regular customer of AO Wilson since 2019. We are so thrilled to be able to service their growing portfolio as they redefine the creativity of craft beverages while highlighting artistic talents from around the globe. 


We had the best time meeting with our fellow chardonnay lovers at the School of Cool on July 20th at White Oaks Resort! 


Amorim & Battistella are the global leaders in cork and capsules. 

Amorim corks are the gold standard for quality and performance.Founded in 1870 by the Amorim family, they've grown to become the largest producer of natural wine cork closures in the world. 

Since 1948, Battistella has progressed throughout the years specializing in capsules of all types.From pleated capsules to PVC and polylaminated materials, Battistella has always strived to give every product an instantly recognizable character. 

 Did you know custom cork + capsules are our specialty?