Inside the Bottle: AOW November Newsletter

Inside the Bottle: AOW November Newsletter

AO Wilson

Some insider tips + tricks of the trade and what's happening at AO Wilson

How was harvest? 

The Scoop 

In France's Jura region, organized thieves entered vineyards undiscovered and stole some of the 2023 vintage from multiple wineries. 

Here's hoping your harvest is going way better than theirs! Read it about it here


Customer Spotlight

Summit Station Dairy and Creamery is an on-farm dairy and retail store located on the Loewith Family Dairy farm in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Using only A2A2 milk from the herd, Summit Station processes and bottles whole milk, unhomogenized milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, skimmed milk, table cream, and egg nog. Summit Station also produces fresh cheese curds and will soon introduce its own Balkan-style yoghurt and butter.

Additionally, Summit Station has re-introduced the ‘milkman’ to Hamilton. Using its own drivers and vans, Summit Station has created a membership platform to bring glass-bottled milk to local doorsteps.

At AO Wilson, we're thrilled to be partnered with Summit Station and admire how their philosophy embraces sustainable practices. Just last month, the farm opened its own on-farm processing facility! 

Summit Station Dairy


Looking for these?

50ml PET Bottles

You want them, we can source them! 

Ask us about availability on various PET bottle formats suitable for high-quality premium products.


Learn about our Partnerships


DAL CIN has been a leading innovator of modern enology products for nearly 75 years

For decades we've prided ourselves in aligning with DAL CIN, based just outside of Milan, Italy. With an extensive R&D program, DAL CIN has patented several enology products from bentonites to metatartaric acids, to yeasts + yeast nutrients.

Learn more below on correct use of our FERVENS + ENODOC dry yeast products we supply through DAL CIN.