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An attractive, modern, and sustainable packaging solution for wine, cocktails, fruit juices, edible oils, sauces, cleaning products, and more! 


Bag-in-Box® is a sustainable choice of packaging for many industries such as wine, juice, liquid eggs, dairy and also non-food applications such as motor oil and chemicals.

Why it is suitable for a variety of alcoholic beverages:

  • This reinforced bag is strong and flexible, with an aroma and oxygen barrier. It can safely be used for products with an alcohol content up to 20%.
  • The Vitop® Original tap, with the gland being resistive to alcohol, offers a very high oxygen barrier.

Pouch up®


Attractive and modern, the Pouch-Up® is an innovative packaging concept designed to extend the shelf life of liquid and semi-liquid products such as wine, juice and oil.

Pouch-Up® , self-standing pouch, is made of high-performing oxygen barrier films to preserve the liquid inside, ensuring the contents stay uncontaminated by the air outside.

Bag-in-Box® and Pouch Up® show the Best-In-Class low carbon footprint.

6 Reasons why:

  • 8 times lower carbon footprint than glass bottles. Recent Life Cycle Assessment studies show that Bag-in-Box® and Pouch Up® show the best results in terms of global warming potential with an 8 times lower carbon footprint than glass bottles.
  • Reduces food waste. Bag-in-Box® and Pouch Up® reduce food waste due to maximizing shelf life before and during use and as you can consume by the glass only, unused content is not wasted.
  • Significant savings in logistics costs and CO2 emissions. Bag-in-Box® and Pouch Up® empty lightweight packaging is delivered in flat form so very efficient for maximizing palletization for shipping. This allows for significant savings in logistics costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Doesn’t become litter. Bag-in-Box® and Pouch Up® aren’t among the many plastic products that are often found on beaches and elsewhere in the environment such as PET bottles or snack packets. Bag-in-Box® and Pouch Up® are mostly consumed at home ( not on the go) and for that reason, waste is then disposed of in a recycle bin rather than in the environment.
  • Water and energy consumption low. A Bio Intelligence study shows that Bag-in-Box production’s water and energy consumption is relatively low.
  • 75% of a Bag-in-Box package consists of recyclable, renewable and biodegradable cardboard.

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