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KITOCLEAR is activated chitosan used to solve flotation problems which can arise in some grape varieties or in some seasons. It is like a 3 in 1 fining agent.

The chitosan was chosen and treated specifically to guarantee:

– great ascent speed of lees cap during flotation procedures
– excellent clarification of the juices
– cap “holding”
– control of the spoiling microflora
– colour removal

>The high reactive ability of KITOCLEAR with solid fractions of the turbid wine allows its efficacy on musts that are difficult or not flotable with other products, including the classic gelatines.

>KITOCLEAR is also used in settling where the action on the microflora is even more incisive, thanks to the longer contact time with the must or wine.

>KITOCLEAR has shown excellent results in the fining of grape juice treated with activated carbon, even when using the lowest doses.

The liquid form is particularly easy to use during the busy phases of the harvest!

Excellent in fining vegan and allergen free products as well as organic ones.

Packaged in a pail of 5KG or 25KG