Supercap: a preferred synthetic tee cork manufacturer

A.O. Wilson is proud to highlight our partnership with an innovative and progressive synthetic tee cork manufacturer from Italy: Supercap Srl.

Expanded synthetic stoppers are serious contenders as the preferred stopper for spirits and oils & vinegars, as it does not alter the flavours and aromas it is in contact with. The consumer is therefore enjoying exactly what the producer aimed to create.

Supercap Srl. creates products that focus on the functionality of packaging design. They offer many style heads to select from, including: plastic, wooden, metal, synthetic, aluminum, pourer, and no-refill.

The research and development completed by Supercap Srl. has resulted in many new and exciting options for synthetic tee corks:

Supercap Eco — Zero Carbon Footprint

supercap eco - zero carbon footprint

Supercap has created the first zero carbon footprint T-cap closure. Using a bio-based technology, featuring renewable polymers derived from sugar cane, the impact on the environment is reduced dramatically in comparison to traditional extraction processes.

Coinjected T-Cap — One-Piece Item

coinjected t-cap - one-piece item

Supercap was the first company to use this process for wooden and metal tops. With coinjected technology, the product becomes a one-piece item. The benefit of having a single piece item means it is impossible to break, when opening a bottle.

No Refill Tec — No Counterfeiting

no refill tec - no counterfeiting

Security of spirits is important to both producers and consumers. The risk of tampering and counterfeiting is removed with the no refill tec, as it features a glass ball in its shank, which allows the product to be smoothly poured, while blocking any attempt to pour something into the original bottle.

Supercap Nature — Micro-Granules of Natural Cork

supercap nature - micro-granules of natural cork

Many still want the look and feel of natural cork for products but, for particular reasons, choose to explore other options. Supercap has created a product that achieves the look and feel of natural cork, but is composed of micro-granules of sanitized cork blended with thermoplastic materials. Another benefit to the Supercap Nature is that is contains no glue, like traditional technical closures often do.

The Supercaps website states, “Research has produced an excellent performance line of products, with no cork taint and a limited permeability to oxygen, thus preserving all aromas and flavors as intended by distillers and wine makers.”

A.O. Wilson is excited to offer new and innovative technologies, such as the products developed by Supercap Srl. Contact A.O. Wilson today to learn more about Supercap products and the ordering and delivering details.