Variety of liquor bottles, on a bar, with different sealings

When your products are built on craftsmanship — as beer, wine, and liquor are — the story of how your product was born can be a great source of design inspiration.

Go for a bold, new look in the New Year, with customized wax sealing for your new line of spirits, that will help your product stand out on the shelf or the barback. Branding is pivotal to the success of new or specialty product lines and sealing wax creates a distinctive look.

In addition, A.O. Wilson’s wax sealing pair perfectly with tee corks to lock in flavour, secure the closure, and ensure that your customers receive the full experience of your product. The sealing is tamper-proof, which prevents against counterfeiting and creates confidence in your product’s security.

Sealing Wax Options

We are able to offer both hard and soft sealing wax options, in a range of colours. Wax melter and application units are also available for sale, if necessary. You can learn more about sealing wax colours and other options here.


When it comes to the quantity of wax required for sealing, the general rule is that 1 pound will provide a 2’’ wax dip for 35 bottles or a wax medallion on the stopper for approx. 300 bottles. Wax medallions will not offer the same type of security, nor will they lock flavour in the same way — for this reason, we recommend the wax dipping option for spirits with tee corks.

There’s no doubt, the craft spirit that is inside the bottle is the most important part of what you do. If a consumer likes what’s in the bottle, it will keep them coming back — but a distinctive closure, like sealing wax, can create a first impression that will prompt them to pick up the bottle in the first place.

Contact A.O. Wilson today about ordering sealing wax, tee corks, or a wax applicator unit for your distillery today.