Banner-pictureAt A.O. Wilson, we understand that cleaning and sanitation are an integral part of a successful operation and making award winning beverages. We are proud to have premium products such as Tudertechnica hose, stainless steel fittings and environmentally friendly cleaning agents in our portfolio to complete the package and at competitive pricing.

We’ve divided up in three categories:



Tudertechnica-hoseWe offer hose for every budget and application in the beverage industry from our premium phthalates free Tudertechnica hose as well as the economical clear PVC hose with red helix.

Premium Tudertechnica Phtalate Free Hose

tudertechnica250Tudertechnica hose is an extra flexible suction and delivery hose that European vineyards have trusted for over 30 years and is now available in North America. It is available in vineyard ( winery), butyl ( breweries) and distillery hose.

Please find below detailed information.

Glidetech Distillery Tech Sheet

Glidetech Vineyard Tech Sheet

Glidetech Butyl HP Tech Sheet

We stock Tudertechnica vineyard, butyl HP and distillery hose in 1.5” and 2” diameter in any length. We offer in-house banding upon request. For that do-it-yourself person, we offer stainless steel bands, rubber hose adapters and the banding tool.

We offer hydraulically fastened stainless steel ends upon request.

Economical PVC Hose

clear-hose250The economically priced PVC clear hose with red reinforced plastic helix is available in 1.5” diameter and can be cut to any length. Stainless steel rubber hose adapters and banding is available upon request.

Stainless Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings


We stock the standard commonly used tri clamp fittings such as elbows, tees, end caps, hose adapters, sight glasses and gaskets in 1”, 1.5” and 2” sizes. As a distributor for a major manufacturer, we can get whatever fittings, sizes or special assemblies you might need in just a few days.

We can also supply fittings in ACME bevel seat, flat flace and some DIN connection fittings.



We stock butterfly valves, ball valves and check valves with tri clamp connections in 1”, 1.5” and 2” sizes.

Other connections are available upon request.


Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning and sanitation is essential to the overall success and quality of your beverage production operation. With this in mind, A.O. Wilson now offers environmentally responsible, innovative and cost effective solutions for all your cleaning and sanitation requirements.

We are excited to launch our new products.



Bev San Oxi K 


A potassium based, chlorine-free and phosphate-free alkaline powder containing active oxygen and additives. Dual action formula combines detergent and destainer in 1 step.

Removes fermentation residue, tartrate, protein, colour and organic soil. Eliminates mold, mildew and biofilms.

Bev San Oxi K Tech Sheet

Please fill out the form below to request your free sample.




PAA ( Peroxyacetic Acid)   

Active PAA (Peroxyacetic Acid) uses powerful oxidation technology to strip away biofilms and microbial contamination. A powerful disinfectant/sanitizer that breaks down into safe, natural components ( Oxygen, Carbon, Dioxide and water) makes this the ideal green, environmentally friendly disinfectant/sanitizer.

*Registered with Health Canada DIN 02332973PAA

*Meets OECD 301-305 A-F-100% biodegradability

*Safe for beverage processing equipment surfaces

*Stainless steel, food grade plastic and glass

   ( tanks, bottling, filtration)

*Fast, effective, economical


*880 ml bottle makes 88L solution to disinfect ( rinse)

*880 ml bottle makes 440L solution to sanitize (no rinse)



This segment of our portfolio is expanding so be sure to check back with us soon!

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