With Canada’s 150th anniversary approaching, A.O. Wilson is highlighting a few signature red wine and white wine yeasts — for any winemakers who are thinking of something ‘red & white’ for our country’s sesquicentennial!

We are proud to showcase the Enodoc line from our partner DAL CIN, an Italian manufacturer of premium enology products. Our partnership with DAL CIN has brought many innovations and patented technologies to the North American market for the first time, and the Enodoc Yeasts are undoubtedly one of their top offerings.

Enodoc Yeasts

Enodoc Yeast is the premium line from DAL CIN, produced by Danstar Ferment. Enodoc offers winemakers the highest quality yeast at an affordable price point. These yeasts are organic, allergen-free, and have no animal origin — a great fit for vegan customers!

The top varieties in the Enodoc line for both red and white wine are the following:

Enodoc FA01 Wine Yeast - Fermentation Assuree  Enodoc BA02 White Wine Yeast - Blanc Aromatic  Enodoc BM04 White Wine Yeast - Blanc Mousseaux

Enodoc FA-01 — Fermentation Assuree

This active, dry yeast is the right choice for quick and safe fermentations. It is capable of producing fermentation anywhere or anyway, even under difficult conditions!

Enodoc BA-02 — Blanc Aromatic

This yeast induces white wines with fresh and fruity flavours, even with low nitrogen content or clear musts. It is an ideal strain for ready to drink wines.

Enodoc BM-04 — Blanc Mousseaux

This sparkling wine yeast is designed specifically for tank or bottle re-fermentations with high alcohol resistance. We recommend using it for “sur lies” ageing with Chardonnay, for example.

Enodoc BV03 White Wine Yeast - Blanc Varietal  Enodoc RJ11 Red Wine Yeast - Rouge Jeune  Enodoc RG12 Red Wine Yeast - Rouge de Garde

Enodoc BV-03 — Blanc Varietal

This white wine yeast enhances natural varietal flavours while maintaining their main characteristics. It is a safe strain with strong activity and low nutrition needs, making smooth fermentations possible, even under difficult conditions. Great for Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscat and Sauvignon Blanc.

Enodoc RJ-11 — Rouge Jeune

This red wine yeast enhances fresh fruity aromas and berry flavours with smooth tannins on the palate. Recommended for young red wines. RJ-11 is among the most powerful strains on the market which is not sensitive to possible wild yeasts. It is able to preserve the colour of the grape; its action on anthocyanins leads to a highest intensity of colour.

Enodoc RG-12 — Rouge de Garde

This red wine yeast is well-suited to important red wines with long ageing potential. It develops intense typical varietal flavours (e.g. plum, jam, berries) with a spicy aroma, subtle tannins, and big mouthfeel even after long ageing (3-10 years). RG-12 is resistant to high temperatures and has the ability to produce a higher content of polysaccharides and glycerol, which contributes to colour stability.

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