Gold Prooftag seals protect against wine fraud in Canada and worldwide

Counterfeit wines and spirits are a growing concern globally. Protect yours, your name and your consumers from wine fraud with Prooftag™. Prooftag™ identifies and authenticates each of your bottles on the market without specific tooling.


Example of wine bottles with prooftag to prevent wine fraud in CanadaWhy would you need to secure your bottles?

True stories;

The world of wine collection has made international headlines over the years, due to several high-profile cases of wine fraud. The first incident occurred in 1988, when American billionaire Bill Koch purchased four bottles of the now-infamous Chateau Lafitte 1787, purported to belong to Thomas Jefferson, for half a million dollars at an auction. These wine bottles were later discovered to be fake. The story was widely publicized via an article in the New Yorker.

The second incident involved a Chinese-Indonesian wine collector Rudy Kurniawan, who sold high-profile counterfeit wines at auctions, netting a reported $130 million in wine fraud. Rudy’s tactic involved re-labelling large stocks of rare wines with different, less expensive vintages. It is suspected that many top wine collections still include Rudy Kurniawan fakes to this day! You can read the full story here.

The issue of wine fraud is still something that affects all levels of the industry today. Keep reading below to read more about different wine fraud issues and how they can be addressed with Prooftag™.

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Prooftag demonstrates how to use their technology to spot counterfeit wines in Canada

Niagara wineries using Prooftag™ featured in The Financial Post recently.  Read and watch the full story here.


Counterfeit Wines

Can your consumers easily verify the authenticity of your bottles?

Your market is global and multi-channel. The scandals related to counterfeiting now affect

all regions of the world and all types of wines and spirits. Counterfeiters can effortlessly and

without risk make just as much profit with entry and medium range products than those with big names.

More and more consumers are wondering about the authenticity of the bottles.

Your consumers, in doubt, need to be able to verify the authenticity of a bottle before buying it.


Can your consumers tell if the content of the bottle has not been changed?

Unfortunately, opening a bottle without leaving the slightest trace of tampering is effortless.

Many sly professionals or even individuals have understood how to do this. The re-filling and

the resale of these bottles have become a common fraud and a threat to your reputation.

It is necessary to seal the bottle capsule to prevent re-filling attempts today and in the future.

Parallel Markets

Are your consumers buying your bottles from an authorized reseller?

You work hard to offer your products to consumers in the best possible conditions. Whether you sell direct

or through a carefully chosen professional network, it is not appropriate to see your bottles appearing on markets

that you have not authorized (i.e. Online Auctions, Discounters).

A strategy to track and trace your bottles has become a necessity to identify those who are sabotaging your commercial policy.

Range of Security Seals


Bubble™ Seal

Bubble Seal prevents wine fraud in Canada with high-end security

High-End SecurityThe Bubble Seal™ offers the highest level of security with its random constellation of encapsulated 3D bubbles in a proprietary durable polymer. It is a classic and elegant design constructed on a tamper evident metallized substrate.

Ramdot™ Seal

Ramdot Seal offers personalization and multi-layer security to prevent wine fraud in Canada

Personalization and Multi-layer SecurityRamdot™ Seal offers a wide choice of personalization for its materials, design and layers of security. It gives the possibility to create a customized solution around a chaosmétrique footprint of optically variable particles dispersed randomly.

FiberTag™ Seal

FiberTag Seal is available at low cost in high volumes to prevent wine fraud in Canada

Low-Cost, High VolumesFibertag™ Seal offers an economic security seal based on a security paper substrate layered with visible and invisible security fibers, scattered randomly. It combines a strong 3D chaosmétrique identification feature and authentication with a high level of customization.

Variogram™ Seal

Variogram Seal is a design and cost efficient way to prevent wine fraud in Canada

Design and Cost Efficiency Variogram™ Seal offers a basic level of security with a distinctive design. It associates mass serialization with a random code for online identification.



Water company using Prooftag to provide ID Security in Canada

Prooftag™ features offer:


  • Secure the opportunity to identify and authenticate each of your bottles, wherever it is on the market and without specific tooling;
  • Prove the authenticity of each bottle to distributors and consumers;
  • Reassure your customers by empowering them with the ability to check the authenticity of your bottles for themselves before purchasing; and
  • Integrate the authentication service on your Internet site to promote its usage and send a strong message of deterrence to counterfeiters.

Track and Trace Bottles

  • Identify each of your bottles to trace:
    • The content and its container;
    • The association bottles/boxes/pallets;
    • The destination and the buyer of the bottles; and
    • Potential returns.
  • Trace each bottle from production to consumption in connection with your quality management system to identify the potential reasons for non-compliance (i.e., cork, container and tank);
  • Limit health hazards by following your bottles in your distribution networks in the hypothetical need to make a product recall; and
  • Manage your production line in real time and drive your internal and external production process.

Marketing Presentation

  • Each seal is linked with a dynamic presentation page on the Prooftag service platform: The Prooftag Cerv;
  • Promote your name and your wines by creating your product pages yourself;
  • Enlight your consumers on the specific features of your products and help them in their choice and the discovery of your product;
  • The solution integrates directly with your website to facilitate its use by consumers and create a direct relationship;
  • Personalize the contents of your product presentation pages and offer them in 37 different languages;
  • Prooftag Cerv automatically identifies the language of the customer to present the contents to them in their own language;
  • Easily integrate social media with your presentation pages to create a continuous relationship with your consumers;
  • The use of the seals by the distributors and consumers enables you to visualize the diffusion of your bottles throughout the world;
  • Prooftag Cerv offers the possibility to link each bottle with its buyer or with its country of destination; and
  • Together with the consulting data, you are able to quickly visualize abnormalities of your distribution network and identify opportunities.