A.O. Wilson is proud to add their new enology product line by DAL CIN to the SIHA line up. We now have 2 of the world’s major wine-producing countries represented by DalCin from Italy and Eaton’s SIHA from Germany.
DAL CIN and Eaton’s SIHA offer a full range of fermentation ( yeasts, bacteria, enzymes), fining and stabilization products for the food & beverage industry. DAL CIN is a leader in innovations and trendsetting of modern world enology products.

For a full overview of DalCin products, please visit http://www.dalcin.com/catalogo/EnoliaEN.aspx
For a full overview of Eaton’s SIHA products, please visit https://www.eaton.com/Eaton/ProductsServices/Filtration/BeverageTreatmentProducts/index.htm

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