Natural Cork Stoppers

The Natural cork stopper is recommended for wines that need to age in the bottle, satisfying the expectations of the world’s leading winemakers and the most sophisticated wine lovers. It is a wholly natural product enhanced by advanced technology, which allows the wine to age in the best possible conditions.

The Twin Top ® cork stopper is a technical cork that is ideal for fruity wines and is recommended for wines not intended for long bottle aging. Comprising an agglomerated body and a disc of natural cork at each end, it can be used on the same bottling lines as natural cork stoppers. Twin Top ® cork stoppers are treated via the ROSA ® system.

The Neutrocork ® stopper is the latest in new-generation technical stoppers. Its main feature is its great structural stability. This stopper is recommended for wines with a certain complexity, intended for early consumption.

The Acquamark® stopper is a natural stopper with greater porosity. It undergoes an aesthetic procedure which improves its appearance, mechanical characteristics and bottling performance.

The SPARK® stopper has acquired a priviliged status as a seal for the best Champagnes and Sparkling Wines. The result of intensive scientific and technological research, the Spark® stopper achieves the highest levels of physical, chemical and oenological performance. Its outstanding mechanical behavior and ease of bottling are fundamental advantages.
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