A.O. Wilson’s selection of closures may be a bit overwhelming so we have tried to simplify the different categories. Be sure to ask us if you do not find what you are looking for. We may just have that hard to find item you have been looking for.

In this section, we will display what we can offer in cork closures, aluminum closures, metal crown caps, synthetic tee corks, synthetic sparkling closures, crown caps and bidules, muselets, sealing wax and bag-in box packaging.




A.O. Wilson is extremely proud to be engaged in a special partnership with the world’s largest cork stopper producer AMORIM for more than 15 years now. Founded in 1870 by the Amorim family, the company has grown to become the largest global producer of natural cork wine cork closures and global leader in sustainable business practices.

CORKS250In this area, Amorim, in addition to benefiting from a gift of Nature – transforming a natural raw material, extracted cyclically from the trees without harming them, promoting the economic and social sustainability of areas at risk of desertification, making available high value added products that maintain the unique and intrinsic characteristics of cork, in an integrated transformation process that practically does not produce waste – has regulated its activity by adopting and strengthening sustainable development practices.

Amorim employs state of the art processes to ensure the highest quality closures in terms of sealing abilities and sensory performance.

Please let us help you find the right cork closure for your particular application:

Natural Cork Stopper

All-naturalThe Natural cork stopper is recommended for wines that need to age in the bottle, satisfying the expectations of the world’s leading winemakers and the most sophisticated wine lovers. It is a wholly natural product enhanced by advanced technology, which allows the wine to age in the best possible conditions.

All natural cork stoppers are available from the best grade possible, Handselect CA-05S to the most economical grade CA-30. The full range is as follows:

  • CA-05S
  • CA-05
  • CA-075
  • CA-10
  • CA-15
  • CA-20
  • CA-25
  • CA-30

All natural cork stoppers are available in the following sizes:

  • 54x24mm
  • 49x24mm
  • 45x24mm
  • 38x24mm

All natural cork stoppers are available in a natural or a BWC (Bleached Without Chlorine) wash.

Whatever your application or price point, we have a cork that can suit your needs.

Why not have your logo branded on your cork? You can choose to have your logo ink branded or fire branded. We ask for a small contribution to create the printing or fire branding tool. No extra charge for the cork!

Vintage end branding is offered free of charge.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom branded cork stoppers.

At A.O. Wilson, we stock the all natural cork stopper grades CA-20 ( size 45×24 and 38x24mm) and CA-30 ( size 45x24mm) for immediate distribution to you, our customer.

** Large format all natural corks are available upon request in the following sizes:

  • 54×39 mm
  • 54×35.5 mm
  • 54×33 mm

All Natural Cork spec sheet.

Twin Top Cork Stopper

Twin-TopThe Twin Top ® cork stopper is a technical cork that is ideal for fruity wines and is recommended for wines not intended for long bottle aging. Comprising an agglomerated body and a disc of natural cork at each end, it can be used on the same bottling lines as natural cork stoppers. Twin Top ® cork stoppers are treated via the ROSA ® system.

Rosa ® is based on controlled steam distillation whereby volatile trace compounds such as TCA are forced out from the cork cells.

Rosa ® is a proprietary cleaning process developed by Amorim after an intensive R&D effort over more than three years involving thousands of experiments and chemical analyses resulting in a major process re-engineering program.

Twin top ® cork stoppers are available with grade AA, A and B natural disc ends.

Twin top ® cork stoppers are available in 44×23.5 mm and 39×23.5 mm sizes.

Twin top ® cork stoppers are available in natural or BWC (Bleached Without Chlorine) wash.

Why not have your logo branded on your cork? You can choose to have your logo ink branded or fire branded. We ask for a small contribution to create the printing or fire branding tool. No extra charge for the cork!
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom branded cork stoppers.

At A.O. Wilson, we stock the grade A disc ends in sizes 44×23.5 and 39×23.5mm for immediate distribution to you, our customer.

Twin Top Stopper Spec Sheet

Neutrocork Stopper

NeutrocorkThe Neutrocork ® stopper is the latest in new-generation technical stoppers. Its main feature is its great structural stability. This stopper is recommended for wines with a certain complexity, intended for early consumption. Neutrocork ® stoppers are ROSA ® treated.

Rosa ® is based on controlled steam distillation whereby volatile trace compounds such as TCA are forced out from the cork cells.

Rosa ® is a proprietary cleaning process developed by Amorim after an intensive R&D effort over more than three years involving thousands of experiments and chemical analyses resulting in a major process re-engineering program.

Neutrocork ® stoppers are available in sizes 44×25.5mm ( commonly used for the Belgian beer bottle in combination with the “beer wirehood ), 44x24mm and 38x24mm.

Neutrocork ® stoppers are available in Natural light or BWC (Bleached Without Chlorine) wash.

Why not have your logo branded on your cork? You can choose to have your logo ink branded or fire branded. We ask for a small contribution to create the printing or fire branding tool. No extra charge for the cork!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom branded cork stoppers.

Neutrocork Spec Sheet

Acquamark Cork Stopper

AcquamarkThe Acquamark® stopper is a natural stopper with greater porosity. It undergoes an aesthetic procedure which improves its appearance, mechanical characteristics and bottling performance.

The Acquamark® stopper is available in size 45x24mm only.

The Acquamark® stopper is available in the grades Premium and Vintage.

Why not have your logo branded on your cork? You can choose to have your logo ink branded or fire branded. We ask for a small contribution to create the printing or fire branding tool. No extra charge for the cork!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom branded cork stoppers.

Acquamark Spec Sheet

Spark Stopper

SPARKThe SPARK® stopper has acquired a priviliged status as a seal for the best Champagnes and Sparkling Wines. The result of intensive scientific and technological research, the Spark® stopper achieves the highest levels of physical, chemical and oenological performance. Its outstanding mechanical behavior and ease of bottling are fundamental advantages.

The SPARK® stopper is available in size 47x30mm.

The SPARK® stopper is available with the following disc ends:

  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Grade D

Why not have your logo fire end branded on your Spark® cork? We ask for a small contribution to create the fire branding tool. No extra charge for the cork!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom branded cork stoppers.

Spark Stopper Spec Sheet

T-Cork Stopper

The T-Cork® stopper is a natural cork stopper with a range of different tops in plastic, wood and other materials, designed for bottling fortified wines and spirits. Given the alcoholic strength of the drink and the specific nature of the bottle, its function is to prove an efficient seal, easy manual extraction and subsequent re-use.

At A.O. Wilson, we stock the generic black plastic top t-cork stopper with a standard size shank of 19.7mm.

The t-corks are available in either an all natural cork or a neutrocork® shank.

Looking for something unique for your boutique’s tasting bar. Why not get your logo embossed, printed or print embossed on the top? Customers will have a great keepsake to take home!


Articles of Interest

Sealing Wax

Sealing Wax

Sealing wax to decorate your bottle neck is simple, yet elegant. It is an inexpensive way to dress up your bottle by adding a bit of colour.

A.O. Wilson stocks all colours shown below:


The “hard” synthetic sealing wax has a melting temperature of approx. 350° to 370° F. The wax is sold by the pound and the minimum order is 5 pounds. Based on our experience, we offer you an indication of how much wax you will need, depending on the following wax applications:

1 pound will provide an approximate 2” wax dip depth for 35 bottles.

1 pound will provide a wax medallion on the cork for approx. 300 bottles.

In recent years, we decided to also stock a softer synthetic sealing wax to satisfy the needs of some of our customers. This wax has a melting temperature of 215°-240° F . It is available in gold, red, silver, platinum silver and black.

Note: The softer version is NOT compatible with any other wax material.

Item of interest: wax melter and applicating unit.

Pfefferkorn Plastic Stoppers, Overcaps and Tee Corks

Pfefferkorn Plastic Stoppers, Overcaps and Tee Corks

Sparkling wine is a unique drink for extraordinary moments. As unique as the drink, is the Pfefferkorn plastic stopper that captures the flavour and effervescence.

Pfefferkorn Plastic Stoppers

plastic-stopper-250As Canada’s exclusive Pfefferkorn distributor, A.O. Wilson’s plastic stoppers have been widely used in Canada and USA wherever sparkling wine is bottled. It does not matter if your product is bottled warm or cold or if it is pasteurised, we will always have an appropriate stopper. Convince yourself of the high quality level of our plastic stoppers and profit from decades of experience.

We can accommodate most style sparkling wine bottles with different types of stoppers such as the 166/3, 166/4, 181/1.

Spec Sheets 166/4, 166/3, 181/1, 168/1

Pfefferkorn Topcap Overcaps

Overcaps-250TOPCAP overcaps are available in different forms and colours, suitable for 28 mm metal screw caps. Besides the optical upgrading of your product, the pleasant and easy opening of the bottles is an added advantage. The Topcap overcaps are an interesting option for any carbonated drink sealed with a metal closure, not just sparkling wine.

Topcap 30/70 Spec Sheet

Pfefferkorn Tee Corks and Pourers

GS-tee-corks-250A.O. Wilson stocks Pfefferkorn tee corks ( bartops) and are available in different sizes suitable for different bottle neck openings.

The tee corks have an opaque plastic outer shaft with natural cork inside and a black plastic top.

Tee-cork-with-pourer-250Available from stock are also the Pfefferkorn tee corks with pourer. The tee cork simply consists of a resealable red plastic cap with a pourer.

The pourer is inserted into the bottle and the cap simply screws onto the insert whenever the bottle is not in use.

Synthetic Tee Corks

Synthetic Cork

A.O. Wilson is excited to be engaged in a new partnership with an innovative and progressive Italian synthetic tee cork manufacturer:

Supercap Srl.

Supercap Srl., present in the market for more then fifteen years, guarantees constant quality and safety of its products as it owns the formulation of the mix.

So it certifies the raw materials used, ensuring that they are part of the “positive lists” and that are according to the law of European Union and Drug Administration and U.S. Food and Drug administration.

The expanded synthetic stoppers is a serious contender as a preferred stopper for spirits and oils &vinegars as it does not alter the flavours and aromas it is in contact with. The consumer is therefore enjoying exactly what the producer aimed to create.

There are many style heads available for the spirits closure. Plastic, wooden, synthetic and aluminum heads are available for the oil&vinegar closure with pourer. Minimum ordering quantities and a longer delivery time may apply for non stock items.

Synthetic tee cork closures

Please find more information on Supercap’s website at

Crown Caps and Bidules for Champagne

Crown Caps and Bidules for Champagne

Crown-capsA.O. Wilson has been supplying the finest crown cap closures and bidules on the market today produced by Italian manufacturer Pe.di Srl.

Pe.di is a family owned business and exports 80-85% of its production worldwide.

Crown Caps

Metals available:

  • Standard steel for short bottle storage and very dry cellars ( humidity < 70%).
  • Aluminum for short and middle bottle storage.
  • Stainless steel for long bottle storage and humid cellars.

Note: Standard and stainless steel are magnetic which makes for an easy and quick application.

Sizes available:

The crown caps are available in 26mm, 29mm and 36mm* size.

*The 36mm crowns, for jeroboam containers, are a special order.

Crown cap pic

Liners available:

Crown caps are available with different liners for different applications (osmotic exchange).

  • Standard PO disc (PO)

Usage is recommended for aging of average length (18-24 months).

The PO liner demonstrates optimal pressure hold as well as osmotic exchange for ideal product maturation, ensuring homogenous characteristics in every bottle of wine.

  • Polyethylene Injected (PI)

Usage recommended for aging of 18-36 months.

Champagne houses, well known for their grand cuvee and Millesimé, started to demand an alternative product preserving freshness on their wines requiring longer aging processes. This liner reduces the osmotic exchange and preservers freshness and aromas of such wine. The results on tests conducted by LNE (National Essays Laboratory), confirmed the osmotic exchange obtained with this kind of liner was 0,25 cm³ of CO2 every 24 hours.

  • PO disc with Saranex on both surfaces (PO-S).

Usage is recommended for aging of 3-4 years.

A recent demand raised for crowns with a “total barrier” liner (minimal permeability) targeting wines requiring an extensive aging process. The need of a 3rd alternative led to a new generation of a joint “total barrier” which consists of an expanded polyethylene disc covered on both sides with a SARANEX film. Results obtained by LNE showed a very long osmotic exchange (0,14 cm³ of CO2 every 24 hours). Wine can age preserving freshness and aromas for long time without risks of oxidation.

Custom printed crown caps are available:

  1. Lithography. Logo is printed on the metal sheets, customer can choose the ground color and the colors for the logo (up to 4). The sheets are then are covered with a varnish to protect the print and avoid scratches. The printing quality is very good on stainless steel and a little less on standard steel (because paint has difficulties on sticking on the stain covering of the metal); MOQ is 200,000.
  2. Tampography. This operation is done after the production of the cap: the customer can choose the printing color (only 1) and the ground color has to be selected among the stock availability. The printing quality is not as good as the lithography. It is suggested for small quantities of caps (up to 60.000 pcs.), because it is cheaper than lithography. Tampography can only be done on polespan (PO) or saran coated polespan inlay (PO-S) and it is not suitable for polyethylene injected (PI).


Bidule size picBidules combined with the crown cap provide a complete seal of the beverage and CO² assuring a perfect adhesion within the bottle neck finish. Bidules are produced from low density polyethylene.

Bidules are available in 26mm, 29mm and 36mm size. 36mm size bidules, for jeroboam containers, are a special order.

26mm and 29mm Spec Sheets

Items of interest (Pneumatic Air Crowner)

Wirehoods / Muselets

Wirehoods / Muselets


A.O. Wilson offers four post wirehoods, also called wire muselets, to be used in combination with natural sparkling cork stoppers or plastic stoppers.

36mm wire muselets with top disc

36mm wire muselets with top disc are used in combination with our Amorim 47x30mm natural sparkling cork stoppers. The muselets are available with gold, silver and black wires and any colour top disc.

A.O. Wilson stocks 36mm muselets with a gold, silver, black, rose and red top disc. The 36mm muselets are packaged as 3,000 units/carton.


Customization of the top disc ( custom colour and/or print) is available upon request.




32mm muselets without top disc 32mm-muselets-250

32mm wire muselets are used in combination with our Pfefferkorn plastic stoppers. Its four post legs fit nicely and securely into the groves of the stoppers to provide an excellent seal.

A.O. Wilson stocks 32mm muselets and they are packaged as 3,510 units/carton.

26.5 mm “beer” wirehoods with top disc

beer 3 muselets

26.5 mm “beer” wire muselets with top disc are used in combination with our Amorim 44×25.5mm neutrocork. This package is popular in use with the Belgian beer bottle and in the sparkling cider sector.

A.O. Wilson stocks 26.5 mm wire muselets with a gold, silver or black top disc with the same colour wire and they are packaged as 3,300 units/carton.

Bag-in-Box Packaging

Bag-in-Box Packaging


Bag-in-Box® is a single-use packaging solution which is ideal for preserving liquid or semi-liquid food and industrial products for several months before opening. It also extends the shelf life of food products for several weeks after opening.


  • Conservation – Bag-in-Box® maintains the quality of products for weeks after opening. A vacuum is created by the shrinking of the bag as it empties and no oxygen can get in while the product is being dispensed.
  • Eco-friendly – Bag-in-Box® is light and made with recyclable materials. It has a low carbon footprint compared to other packaging.
  • Decreased costs and optimized logistics – Bag-in-Box® takes up limited space. It is delivered flat, thus is easy to transport and store.
  • Communication – Bag-in-Box® products provide an ideal canvas to communicate your brand and boost sales.
  • Small measures – Bag-in-Box® is perfect for taking small portions at a time and encourages responsible drinking.

valves250A.O. Wilson can offer you a complete bag-in-box packaging solution:


  • Flexible EVOH multi-films bags, webbed or individually cut
  • A range of taps (valves) adapted to your application
  • Carton packaging
  • Filling machines

EVOH Film Tech Sheet

Bag-in-Box packaging is a complete, efficient, innovative and user friendly way of marketing your product for the following applications/products:


BIT-Gassier-250Bag-in-Box® guarantees an extended shelf life of 6 to 8 weeks after opening, with no risk of deterioration of the aroma and taste of the wine. This packaging is ideal for occasional wine consumption by the glass. Easy to carry, to store and to open, it is perfect for picnics, barbecues, or to simply have at home.

Thanks to oxygen barrier films and the Vitop® tap, wine is protected from oxidation. Bag-in-Box® is also easily connectable to distribution systems, making it ideal for the hospitality industry. On retail shelves, Bag-in-Box® offers the perfect platform to communicate your brand and attract customers.

Bag-in-Box® enables big cost savings – transport, storage and service are optimized for both empty and filled packs.

Fruit Juice

boitePomme-250Bag-in-Box® is an innovative solution for the packaging of fruit juices. Vacuum packed in a flexible, high oxygen barrier bag and protected from light in a cardboard box, the juice maintains its nutritional properties and aromas for several months.

Fruit juice with aseptic filling.

The juice, which has been heat-treated and is sterile, is chilled and packed in a sterile environment on an aseptic filling machine into pre-sterilized packaging. These products can be kept from six months to one year before opening.

Fruit juice with hot filling.

The juice is pressed, filtered, pasteurized and then kept at a high temperature. Next, the bag is filled with the hot juice, which through contact pasteurizes the packaging, and then it is hermetically closed and cooled. It is recommended that the fruit be pressed in a separate facility in order to avoid any contamination of the bags during filling. Bag-in-Box® film structures are perfectly compatible with high temperatures.

With the right juice and filling practice, juice can often be kept for a year before opening and several weeks after opening, compared to several days for other types of packaging. The fruit juice’s aromatic and nutritional properties are preserved thanks to the Vitop® tap and the oxygen barrier bags. It is user-friendly, being easy to open and to serve without any risk of spills or splashes.

This packaging is especially suited to the hospitality industry, being easily connectable to dispensing systems, and retail due to high visibility on the shelf.

Edible Oils

Bag-in-Box® is an excellent alternative to rigid containers for packaging edible oil. This type of packaging is compatible with a large range of oils such as colza, sunflower, soya, palm oil and more.

It offers products an extended shelf life once opened, which is particularly important for olive oil. Protected from light and oxidation, the olive oil maintains its nutritional benefits and aroma. It is an eco-friendly and cost effective packaging solution which complies with the regulations of the foodservice industry. As a result, Bag-in-Box® has become a perfect alternative to plastic containers and metallic cans.

It is easy to use, with an integrated handle and pouring cap, easy to store, saves valuable space in restaurants and institutional kitchens. Transport and pallet stacking are optimized with 20% more products transported in a single truck per 10-litre Bag-in-Box® versus plastic containers, and has a low carbon footprint.

Bag-in-Box® provides additional benefits to end consumers – olive oil can be dispensed in small portions without altering its quality. The Vitop® tap is fully ergonomic – low pressure obtains a regular flow rate and the oil is dispensed without dripping.

Other Food

lait011bis-c-250Bag-in-Box® products are perfect for any liquid or semi-liquid products. Bag=in-box products can be used to package sauces, purees, fruit concentrates, soups, post-mix products, syrups, tea, coffee and more.

Non Food Products

Non-food liquids and semi-liquids such as detergents, cleaning products, paint, oil, fertilizer liquids, cosmetics and more can also be packaged with Bag-in-Box®.

A.O. Wilson stocks bag in box packaging solutions in the following sizes:

All-sizes-of-bags-250Bags equipped with Vitop valve

  • 3L Off set
  • 4L Centre
  • 4/5L Off set
  • 5L Centre
  • 10L
  • 16L
  • 20L

Bags with QCD valve

  • 20L

Bag-in-box-250A.O. Wilson stocks cartons for the following bag sizes:

  • 3L
  • 4L square
  • 4L Fridgepak
  • 5L
  • 10L
  • 20L

Aluminum Closures

Aluminum Closures


A.O. Wilson sells millions of aluminum closures every year. That’s saying something! Having solid metal closure suppliers allows us to offer any type of closure and any decoration possible at very competitive pricing. At A.O. Wilson we know presentation is everything and we work hard to help you achieve the look you desire.

Sizes available:


Call our office for availability of size and colour.

**Other sizes may be available upon request.

Decorations available for the side:


tickpurplePearl varnish

tickpurplePad print

tickpurpleOffset reverse print

tickpurpleHotfoil print

tickpurpleOffset positive print

Decorations available for the top:


tickpurpleReverse print

tickpurpleBlind embossing

tickpurplePad print

tickpurpleHotfoil w/embossing

tickpurplePositive print

Liners available:


EPE has a closed cell polyethylene foam which was drawn with pure oxygen. Due to its high elasticity and strong resilience component Alkocell , it is ideally suited to compensate for tolerances in the interaction between closure and bottle neck. Depending on the application, there are non laminated or laminated EPE discs.

For wine closures, we offer laminated sealing discs with polyvinylchloride (saran) or with an additional layer of tin foil (saran + tin).


Plastisol is a PVC-free material and has good elastic properties. It can withstand very high internal pressure (< 6 bar) and can also be used for hot filling up to 85°C.

The compound liner is suitable for horizontal wine storage and offers a high level of protection against the resulting internal pressure due to temperature changes as well as carbonated beverages.

Meyer Seals Spec Sheet

A.O. Wilson is the largest stocking distributor of 30×60 plain and VQA decorated 30×60 stel caps in Canada.

Plain stock colours:

Articles of interest:

Screwcap Triumphs in Maturation

Tips on a Satisfying Cork Experience

Selection and Storage of Cork Stoppers

  • A.O. Wilson in co-operation with Amorim can calculate the required cork diameter from the design of the neck of your bottle, the characteristics of the wine and the corking conditions.
  • For wines which are to age in the bottle, we suggest the use of longer corks than normal.
  • Order your corks for immediate or quick use. These stoppers should be used within 6 months of the date of production.
  • Store in a well-ventilated room with controlled temperature between 15ºC and 25ºC and 50% to 70% humidity.

Corking Conditions

  • Ensure any dust is removed before corking.
  • Ensure the cork is compressed slowly, to a diameter no less than 15,5 mm.
  • Ensure insertion of the cork is as quick as possible.
  • For standard bottlenecks, the cork should be inserted to 1 mm below the top of the neck.
  • Minimize moisture on the inside of the bottleneck.
  • Headspace at 20ºC should be at least 15 mm.
  • Internal pressure after corking should not exceed 1.2 bar. Vacuum bottling is recommended.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Maintain the corker jaws free of nicks and signs of wear.
  • Ensure proper alignment of plunger and location ring.
  • Ensure corking machine operates smoothly, especially during compression.
  • Clean all cork-handling surfaces regularly with chlorine-free products.
  • Ensure the equipment is suited to the cork used.

Storage & Transport of Wine

  • After bottling, the bottles should be kept in an upright position for at least 10 minutes.
  • Ideal bottle storage conditions are 15-20ºC at 50%-70% humidity.
  • Keep the wine cellar free of insects.
  • Bottles should be transported in an upright position.