With Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to add a little festive spirit to your sparkling products!

Luckily, A.O. Wilson has you covered with a range of items to dress up your bottles! These products are perfect for sparkling wines, ciders, or even specialty beers for the holidays.

If you want to do a limited number of custom bottles, then you can place a limited order for 1000 — just for your holiday season!

Custom-Branded SPARK® Stopper

The perfect closure for sealing Champagnes and Sparkling Wines. The SPARK® stopper is the result of intensive scientific and technological research, achieving the highest levels of physical, chemical, and oenological performance.

Get your SPARK® stoppers custom branded with your logo to add an extra touch! If you are ordering for Christmas, remember to do it soon — it takes 3-4 weeks for the delivery of custom branded stoppers.

Other closure options for sparkling wine includes plastic stopper and screw caps with special liners. These screw caps can be custom-branded as well!

Customizable Wire Muselets & Hoods

Wire muselets & hoods are elegant closures and capsules for Champagnes or Sparkling Wines, which accentuate the natural shape of bottle.

At A.O. Wilson, we provide wire muselets in a number of sizes, with the option to customize the top disc of the muselet with a colour and/or print — perfect for a special holiday product! These muselets are best used in combination with a sparkling cork stopper or plastic stopper.

Our capsule hoods are also available in a range of different styles, such as the examples above! If you’d like to customize the hood for your sparkling product as well, we can print it with your logo and up to 4 different colours. This customization can be done with ink printing or hot stamp prints, and includes the following:

  • Printing on top
  • Printing on the side (including up to 4 different colours, excluding background colour)
  • Smooth or pebbled finish
  • A range of lengths and diameters available

Crown Caps with Specialty Liners

Although most Champagnesand Sparkling Wines are sealed with cork stoppers, A.O. Wilson offers a line of crown caps designed specifically for the requirements of sparkling products. This line of closures is supplied by Italian manufacturer PE.DI.

PE.DI screw caps come in a range of sizes, materials, and liners, depending on the storage demands of the product. For example, a sparkling wine with a medium bottle storage would require an aluminum crown cap with polyethylene injected liners for an aging period of 18-36 months. Learn more about these crown caps here.

Contact A.O. Wilson to order capsules & closures for your holiday sparkling product today!