Variety of liquor bottles, on a bar, with different sealings

A Seal of Approval for Spirits: Wax Sealing & Tee Corks

When your products are built on craftsmanship — as beer, wine, and liquor are — the story of how your product was born can be a great source of design inspiration.

Go for a bold, new look in the New Year, with customized wax sealing for your new line of spirits, that will help your product stand out on the shelf or the barback. Branding is pivotal to the success of new or specialty product lines and sealing wax creates a distinctive look.

Bottles with a variety of caps

Putting a Cap on Beer, Wine, Cider, and Spirits

With holiday season approaching, many customers are in search of the perfect beverage accompaniment to mark special occasions. Presentation of your product is a key factor in your customer’s buying process and this not only relates to design, but the functionality and efficiency of packaging.