CPS Range

BECO CPS depth filter sheets are optimized for the filtration of highly viscous liquids with particles of coarse, crystalline, amorphous or gel-like structure.

These high dirt-holding capacity filter sheets can be used for a wide range of filtration tasks in the chemical, cosmetics, and food production industries.

Filter Application
Filter Type
Depth Filter Sheets
Box Size
Cap Print
Cap Size
Capsule Applicator Type
Capsule Material
Capsule Print
Capsule Size
Cork Size
Cork Type
Cork Wash
Crown Size
Filler Type
Fitting Type
Head Type
Cap Liner
Membrane Application
Neck Finish
Packaging Machine Type
Prefilter Application
Product Format
Pry Or Twist
Pump Type
Shank Material
Shank Size
Type Of Beverage
Wax Type
Yeast Line
Yeast Strain
Cartridge Size
Prefilter Series
Adapter Code
Yeast or Nutrient
Filter Size
Type Of Filler

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