Bag-in-Box® is a single-use packaging solution which is ideal for preserving liquid or semi-liquid food and industrial products for several months before opening. It also extends the shelf life of food products for several weeks after opening.


Conservation – Bag-in-Box® maintains the quality of products for weeks after opening. A vacuum is created by the shrinking of the bag as it empties and no oxygen can get in while the product is being dispensed.
Eco-friendly – Bag-in-Box® is light and made with recyclable materials. It has a low carbon footprint compared to other packaging.
Decreased costs and optimized logistics – Bag-in-Box® takes up limited space. It is delivered flat, thus is easy to transport and store.
Communication – Bag-in-Box® products provide an ideal canvas to communicate your brand and boost sales.
Small measures – Bag-in-Box® is perfect for taking small portions at a time and encourages responsible drinking.

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