Looking to complete the bottling process in-house for your winery or distillery? A.O. Wilson stocks capsule applicators for many different capsule materials. Get the solution to all of your bottling needs!

PVC Capsule Heat Shrinkers

Handheld Heat Shrink Device - Capsule Applicator Tabletop Heat Shrink Device - Capsule Applicator Professional Tabletop PVC Capsule Heat Shrinker Device

A.O Wilson offers handheld, table top and on stand applicators for all your capsule equipment needs. PVC is an affordable option for capsuling your product, which is easier to adapt and more forgiving than other materials. If your capsules don’t quite fit the bottle, then the heat shrinking process will keep it tight and ensure it looks great on the shelf!

Choose from the following PVC heat shrink capsule applicators:

  • Handheld Heat Shrink Devices
  • Tabletop Heat Shrink Devices

Learn more about these capsule applicators here.

Polylaminate/Tin Capsule Spinner

Polylaminate/Tin Capsule Spinner - Capsule Applicator

A.O. Wilson also offers a capsule applicator devices for sealing either polylaminate or tin capsules onto liquor or wine bottles. In the device, a rolling pin with adjustable bands applies pressure depending on the size of the bottle — achieving a correct spin is done by matching the capsule size and pressure to the bottle.

Learn more about these capsule spinners here.

Pneumatic Pleater/Crimper Device for Sparkling Wine

Tabletop Pneumatic Pleater/Crimper Device for Sparkling Wine Hoods

The pleater/crimper device is used to apply specific capsules called ‘hoods’ to sparkling wine or Champagne products. The device includes a couple of different sections to pleat the hood and then crimp the pleats flush against the bottle.

Learn more about the pleater/crimper device here.