The Importance of Yeast Selection in Sparkling Wine

This blog highlights some of our most popular S. Bayanus yeast strain options with their specific attributes and considerations for sparkling wine, so you can produce the best bubbly wines for the consumer.

The Importance of Yeast Selection in Fermentation of Sparkling

Every winemaker knows that yeast is necessary, but it is important to consider the speed of fermentation and the impact of the compounds on flavour. Selecting the right yeast for the fermentation process is among your most crucial considerations.

The fruit used in wine can be positively impacted by selecting an appropriate yeast that will bring out and enhance the flavour of the fruit. Yeast helps to liberate the flavours of the wine, and some strains of yeast will bring out the appropriate spectrum of tastes. 

These are our most popular yeast choices for sparkling;

Fervens Pro6 Yeast

Fervens Pro6 Yeast produces fresh fruity and floral expression in sparkling wines for charmat tank or bottle fermented style sparkling wines.

Fermenting very well in a wide range of temperatures (therefore organoleptic results are extremely satisfactory) , this yeast displays a strong aroma of fruits and flowers and has been described as offering an interesting cleanliness in its smell and taste.

This yeast is widely used in Italy to produce high quality Prosecco as well as in primary fermentation where freshness of the wine, not just varietal character, is desired.

Fervens Brio Yeast

Fervens Brio yeast produces one of the most requested categories of wine; pleasant, easy to drink sparkling wines. In tank, it produces sparkling wines with an intense, clean and creamy mouth feel with a long finish. The aroma is characterized by floral ( jasmine and wisteria) and fruity notes. 

Known for its very low riboflavin production, it prevents “lightstruck” in clear bottles hence preserving the aromas and colour of bottled wine.

Fervens Brio’s aroma and fermentation characteristics make this yeast suitable for re-fermentation in bottle as well. 

Fervens Brio Yeast Features & Effectiveness

ENODOC BM-04 Yeast

ENODOC BM-04 ( Blanc Mousseux) yeast can be used in Charmat tank but specifically for Traditional Method style sparkling wines with a fine perlage.

 As this yeast performs well at low temperatures, has an extremely low production of H2S and is still active at +7 bar, it guarantees a safe re-fermenting process. 

This yeast flocculates after fermentation. It is the perfect choice for barrel ageing or when “sur lies” ageing is requested.


Eaton’s SIHA 4 yeast is ideal for producing Champagne (Method Traditionelle) and has distinct advantages, including:

-Secondary fermentation starts quickly

-Very good fermentation properties in cold temperatures

-Formation of a fine champagne bouquet with simultaneous intensification of the typical wine aroma

-Easy separation of the yeasts by agitation

-Produces a sparkle with fine bubbles 

-Good properties for re-fermentation and fermentation of wines that have stopped fermenting

-This particular strain of yeast from the Champagne region offers a fruity and juicy result.

For answers to all your sparkling wine fermentation questions, or for assistance in selecting the best yeast for your wine production, contact us.