Sparkling- Fully Customized

At A O Wilson, we are committed to creating unique and beautiful products that stand out from the crowd — just like your wines. For many wineries and wine producers, sparkling wines are one of their star products, and your star products deserve the special treatment.

Our custom-printed wire hoods give your sparkling wines a chance to shine!

Custom-Printing: The Possibilities Are Endless

With custom-printed wire hoods, you can express your wine and your winery’s personalities. Each of our custom-printed wire hoods are intricately assembled with a wide range of options for colours and prints, so you can create the perfect aesthetic for your sparkling wine.

Low Minimum Order Options

Our custom-printed wire hoods are not just available for larger orders — they’re also available at low minimum orders, making them the perfect choice for special occasions.

Create your very own, personalized hood to share your sparkling wine at your wedding, or to celebrate a milestone anniversary. No matter what the occasion, you can have your sparkling wine capped off with a personalized wire hood!

Custom-Printed Sparkling capsules For Award-Winning Sparkling Wines

We’ve had the pleasure of creating custom-printed sparkling wine capsules for some of Ontario’s best, award-winning wines.

We recently created a beautiful custom hood for 13th Street Winery’s Premier Cuvee, winner of the 2018 White Wine of the Year and 2018 Sparkling Wine of the Year at the Ontario Wine Awards! 13th Street Winery’s Premier Cuvee is produced by renowned French winemaker, JP Colas.

Pedi Crowns

If you’re searching for other options for topping your sparkling wine, look no further than crown caps by Pedi. Pedi is a leader in crowns for sparkling wines and their range of options makes them the go-to choice for topping your sparkling wine!

Pedi crown caps are available with different liners for different aging processes of wine. We can help you in determining the correct liner for your application.

Their selection of aluminum, stainless steel, and standard steel give you a number of options depending on your preferences.

Pedi crowns are customizable as well. Please contact us for more information on personalization of crowns.

Custom-Printed Cider Toppers

Custom-printed wire hoods and crown caps aren’t just for sparkling wines. Both closures are exceptional choices for ciders as well, keeping your products fresh and providing a beautiful, personalized touch to your ciders.

Whatever your beverage needs, A O Wilson has a wide range of products and options to suit your needs, from capsulesclosuresfiltration and everything in between.