On your Mark ! New LCBO regulatory labelling requirements due July 15, 2020

Key regulatory changes impacting beverage alcohol suppliers

All alcoholic beverages sold in Canada, regardless of their distribution channel, will be required to include a lot code identifier on their packages. A lot code is defined as an identifier that can be used to trace a defined quantity of product that was manufactured, prepared, produced, stored, graded, packaged or labelled under the same conditions.

Lot codes must be clearly and prominently shown on the selling unit and must be readily discernible and legible to the customer. A lot code can be numeric, alphabetic or alphanumeric. A production date, packaging date or “Best before/Meilleure avant” date can be used towards a lot code. The lot code is an aid for the producer and consumer to help mitigate risk. Please find a summary of LCBO regulatory updates here.

A.O. Wilson can help with your lot code printing needs

Leave your identifying mark on your products with RNJet inkjet printers, now available at A.O. Wilson.

A.O. Wilson is proud to have added RNjet industrial inkjet coding and marking printers to its product line. This printer enables you to print production and expiry dates, text, logos, counters, barcodes and time on porous and non-porous products including but not limited to glass containers, tins and cans, rubber and metal components, plastic films, shrink wraps, molded plastics, corrugated boxes etc. with solvent based or water based inks. The printer communicates through USB and RS-232.

Check out this unit in our equipment category, section labellers. Check out Equip-070 Demo video coming soon.

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