What Is The Neutrocork®️ Stopper?

Functional, accessible and with impeccable sustainable credentials – each stopper retains up to 392g of CO2 – Neutrocork is recommended for fast-rotation wines.

The Neutrocork® stopper offers great structural stability, resulting from a uniform-sized micro cork granule composition pressed into individual moulds. Due to this manufacturing process, there will be no bottle to bottle variation. With an attractive appearance and easy extraction, it stands as an extremely competitive natural closure in terms of both performance and price.

This stopper is available in the following sizes: 38x24mm, 44x24mm and 44×25.5mm.

Neutrocork®️ or Neutrocork®️ Premium ?

The Neutrocork®️ Premium stopper guarantees the perfect performance of wines. This latest generation stopper uses the patented ROSA High Tech®️ steam sterilisation system providing deeper sterilisation in the cellular structure of cork. 

Let’s sum up the differences for you:


  • Batch tested for TCA content
  • Guaranteed <0.5 parts per trillion
  • Available sizes: 38×24, 44,×24, 44×25.5 mm
  • Available in Medium and Dark wash
  • Ideal for wines consumed within 3 to 5 years

Neutrocork®️ Premium

  • Individually tested for TCA content
  • TCA-free Guaranteed ( bottle buy back guarantee)
  • Available sizes: 44×24 and 47x24mm ( soon to be replaced by 49x24mm)
  • Available in Dark wash only
  • Ideal for wines consumed within 5 to 7 years

Why Choose Our Neutrocork®️

  • Main Features:
    • Composed of 82% of natural cork ( not dust).
    • Higher quality for a lower cost compared to other leading technical corks.
    • Guarantee of sensorial neutrality – TCA free ( premium ).
    • No microplastic fillers.
    • Positive OTR performance compared to other technical corks.
    • Cork adds a premium value to wine.
    • Committed to Sustainability and carbon emission reduction. Each stopper retains up to 392g of CO2 off setting glass bottle emissions.
    • Amorim is the largest cork supplier in the world with a proud 150 year history and contributes more to research than the whole world combined.

We can offer unbranded corks on the site here and we can offer custom branded corks. All you have to do is provide us with your artwork, preferably in AI format and we will prepare artwork for you to approve. The price of the cork is the same as an unbranded cork except that there is a one time tooling fee for custom print.

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