Neutrocork Premium®: The Latest Neutrocork® Evolution

Amorim’s commitment to TCA free corks – Guaranteed

Choosing the appropriate cork for your wine is not simply a key finishing element — a cork can have a big impact on the quality, shelf-life and taste of your wine.

When a consumer opens a bottle of wine and experiences a smell that is undesirable, or tastes a wine and finds that it tastes spoiled, it may not actually be spoiled. What the consumer may be experiencing can be caused by cork taint.

Cork taint, caused by the natural compound Trichloroanisole (TCA), can result in a wine smelling like a wet blanket or a soggy newspaper — an unpleasant experience which sometimes leads to unnecessary product loss.

Amorim’s pioneering NDTech individualized screening service offered the world’s first all natural cork with a non-detectable TCA level. A cork stopper with less than 0.5 ng/L of TCA, is considered TCA-free. Amorim aims for all their cork stoppers to be TCA-free by 2020.

Amorim’s Neutrocork® Premium stopper

In working towards the movement of TCA-free cork stoppers in 2020, Amorim is now offering Neutrocork® Premium. Neutrocork® Premium is the latest generation technical stopper which guarantees great structural stability for a perfect performance as well as a TCA-free composition to help your wine maintain its true flavours, age effectively and allow for its antioxidant process to increase over time.

Let’s sum up some of the strong points of Neutrocork premium:

-Composed of ½ mm uniform sized micro cork granule with high elastic properties without the use of microspheres and pressed into individual moulds. Microsperes do not guarantee ageability of wine.

-The micro cork granule is treated using Amorim’s proprietary R.O.S.A. III sanitation system which reduces TCA by 98% in itself. Furthermore, this technical stopper is individually screened for sensorial TCA and guaranteed to be TCA free.

-Chemical analysis for TCA/TBA compounds by chromatography.

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-Available in 44mm and 47mm lengths and in the dark wash only.

-Excellent price point compared to other TCA free guaranteed technical stoppers on the market – Why pay more if you can have …Neutrocork® Premium!

We strongly encourage you to request a sample package of our treated Neutrocork® Premium stoppers and carry out a 3 or 6 month trial and compare with other stoppers on the market. You will then soon realize that Neutrocork® Premium is your stopper of choice for sealing and preserving flavours and aromas of your finely crafted wines.

A. O. Wilson has been a proud partner of Amorim Cork for nearly 20 years, and we’re excited to carry this innovative product. Learn more about cork stoppers from Amorim, and contact us for help with finding the perfect cork stopper for your wines.