Membrane Filter Cartridge Benefits

Do you operate a winery, brewery, or cidery? Do you want to ensure that your products offer customers a delicious and beautiful looking beverage? In order to achieve a five-star result, you need to include membrane filtration as part of your winemaking and brewing process.

Here are some of the top benefits of using a membrane filter cartridge:

1. Prevent your product from spoiling or re-fermenting.

Membrane filtration cartridges will protect your wine, beer, or cider from spoiling by carefully removing microorganisms in the form of bacteria.

Bacteria can occur during the fermentation process and may result in spoilage. These bacteria can include:

-Lactobacillus brevis

-Lactobacillus lindneri


-Pediococcus damnosus


-And more

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2. Enhance the appearance of your product.

Some vintners and brewers describe the filtration process as adding a bit of “polish” to the appearance of their products.

Ultimately, membrane filtration cartridges will help to preserve and enhance the colour and clarity of your wine, beer or cider; giving your product a crisp and clear appearance.

3. Remove impurities while protecting the flavour.

Using filtration cartridges is an important step of the wine-making, brewing, and cider-making process and will help to ensure that your end product is flavourful and stable. Removing solids, yeast, and organisms like dekkera intermedia and diatomaceous earth are key to providing consumers with a quality beverage.

At A.O. Wilson, we know that our customers want to produce the highest-quality products for their end consumers — that’s why we carry a variety of the best filtration products on the market.

To achieve quality results, we recommend using the 30” PS Wine Membrane Cartridge for wine, the 30” PS Beer Membrane Cartridge for beer and the 30″ PS Pure Membrane Cartridge for cider. The asymmetric polyethersulfone is specially-designed to support a long service life and will enhance your products.

For more information about filtration products, visit our website and order online!