Filtration And Filling Equipment For Your Micro-Distillery

The filtration and filling of spirits are two of the late-stage processes a micro-distillery must consider before getting a product onto store shelves. The filtration process will determine everything from turbidity to aroma to the taste of your product. Filling methods will dictate how efficiently you can get your product into a bottle and to the public.

In this blog, we review the importance of both filtration and filling for your micro-distillery — and provide you with our in stock product recommendations.

The Importance of Filtration

The process of filtration will remove impurities while protecting the flavour and overall adding clarity to the taste, smell, and appearance of the final product. The filtration process can be broken down into two steps. 

Step 1: 

The distillate is clarified by removing everything from coarse dispersed solids to fine colloidal matter. 

Step 2:

Visible turbidity (haziness/cloudiness) is removed. While there is a growing movement to leave turbidity in a product, turbidity is often associated with lower quality or a defective product in the mind of the average consumer.

The most frequent causes of turbidity are high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and iron, along with the presence of turbidity-causing long-chain fatty acid esters. Interestingly, and somewhat ironically, despite low turbidity being preferred by consumers, they increase turbidity when adding unfiltered ice to their drinks.

Recommended Filtration Products

Carb-Off Deodorizing Carbons 

Ideal for clear spirits; Carb-Off can be added to your product to correct sensory defects. Available in miniTubes format, eliminating dust and mixing problems associated with powder. 
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Grandeco Decolourizing Carbons

Decolourizing carbon with a highly absorbent capacity for colorant substances in spirits. Available in miniTubes format, eliminating dust and mixing problems associated with powder. 
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BECO Activated Carbon ACF

The high absorption power of the filter sheet corrects the aroma and colour of the spirit. These filters are easy to use and allow for dust-free handling. Available in a variety of sizes. 
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Pleated Pre Filter Cartridges with Activated Carbon

Ideal for small batches. These activated carbon impregnated filter cartridges are characterized by a very good absorption capacity of chlorine and organic compounds.

Due to their excellent absorption characteristics, they are perfect for colour and odour corrections, which makes this application perfect for clear spirits. These cartridges are ideal for small batch filtration. 
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BECO Select A Filter Sheets

THE best filter sheets for spirits in our line up !

They specifically target the haze-causing, long-chain, fatty acids while preserving short-chain, fatty acid esters. Available in a variety of sizes. 
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Choosing Filling Equipment

Gravity fillers

If you prefer to fill by gravity, these types of fillers are the right choice for you. The gravity fillers are available in several different versions: 2 valve, 4 valve, floor or tabletop models etc.

View our gravity fillers by clicking here.

Pneumatic fillers

For commercial operations, we suggest using the pneumatic vacuum bottle filler by ENOLMASTER®. This explosion-proof filler can fill practically any kind of glass bottle and, with its vacuum filling system, your product will be bottled in the most gentle way. This will allow your spirit to maintain its original quality and features.

With a capacity of 380L/ HR, this pneumatic filler can also be purchased with a mignon kit that will accommodate smaller sized bottles.

View our pneumatic fillers by clicking here.

NOTE: The ENOLMASTER® also comes in an electric version. If that is of interest to your business, please reach out to us for details.

In summary

Don’t overlook the importance of proper filtration for your spirit. Distilleries should do everything in their capacity to create a product that’s clear with relatively little turbidity, in addition to a consistent taste and aroma.

If you need help setting up a filtration process that’s right for your distillery, or if you need advice on what type of filling equipment to purchase, we’re always here to help. Get in touch.