Filtering the Options: Types of Filtration Products for Beer, Wine, and Cider

Filtration is an essential task in the making of beer, wine, and cider, in order to achieve clarity and distribute the highest quality product to customers. As time has passed, filtration technologies available have increased and improved.

At A.O Wilson, we have been recognized as Canada’s #1 distributor of Eaton filtration products for more than 4 decades. A few years ago, Eaton Hydraulics acquired Germany’s leading filtration media supplier Begerow company, which further improved the products available through Eaton.

Although technologies have changed, for you, as a customer, nothing has changed. We continue to offer a wide variety of filtration products to help you produce the highest quality product.

Filter Cartridges

FineStream Series by EATON

Distinguished by its combination of unparalleled depth filter cartridge retention ratings and a unique design that increases the filter area, this synthesis of the finest filter fleece and excellent filtration performance gives the best membrane protection.

The variable flow of Eaton’s BECO PROTECT FS pre-filter cartridge is also unique. This can be adjusted to flow from outside to inside or, if the inlet and outlet ends on the housing are reversed, from inside to outside. The filtering effect remains the same.

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Membrane Cartridges

  • BECO MEMBRAN PSplus filter cartridges are made using high-quality polyethersulfone membranes. The membranes are protected by polyester support fleeces and offer wide chemical compatibility.
  • BECO MEMBRAN PFplus filter cartridges are made using high-quality hydrophilic PVDF membranes. The membranes are protected by polypropylene support fleeces and offer wide chemical compatibility. Cage and core made of polypropylene ensures maximum mechanical stability.

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Carbon Filter Sheets

Eaton’s BECO ACF 07 activated carbon depth filter sheets are a microporous inert material, which is acid-washed and steam activated.

Applications include:

  • Decolorizing watery and alcoholic extracts
  • Filtering of glucose and enzymes
  • Taste and color correcting beverages, spirits, and fruit juices

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At A.O. Wilson, we care about a greener tomorrow. We are very proud to offer the only, unsurpassed, mineral-free filter sheet on the market today: BECOPAD® Sheets.

Eaton’s BECOPAD depth filter sheet is a mineral-free depth filtration system for a wide range of applications, including coarse and sterile filtration. In a special process, high-purity celluloses cross-link to form a unique structure that requires no inorganic ingredients for sterile filtration.

BECOPAD® depth filter sheets are characterized by maximum purity. The content of ions, flushable or sensory-relevant substances is lower than in all conventional depth filter sheets.

Some of the advantages of using the BECOPAD® depth filter sheets, for filtration:

  • Higher number of cycles (longer service life)
  • Better cost effectiveness
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher wet strength

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