Custom T-Corks

Custom-made t-corks will help elevate the look of your bottles. The knowledgeable team at  A.O. Wilson can help you create your unique package containing a custom t-cork and possibly a capsule.

Not only does a customized package stand out on the shelves, but bottles with t-corks tend to be in your customer’s homes or businesses longer than traditional corked bottles, as their contents are typically enjoyed over a longer period of time. This means that your product is afforded more time to showcase your brand with unique, custom finishes. 

Personalizing your t-corks is the finishing touch that your product deserves and your customers appreciate.

How Can I Create Custom T-Corks?

We are often asked about our custom t-cork process, so we’ve put together a series of steps that we take to ensure that your bottles look fantastic:

Custom Tee Cork Process:

  1. Bring us a drawing of your bottle and/ or a sample bottle (if possible).
  2. Select the correct shank size of the t-cork to ensure it fits your bottle properly.
  3. Select the desired head for your t-cork. We offer a great variety of options, including wood with a variety of finishes and heights, monobloc, metals, crystal, and plastic.
  4. Choose your head decoration. This can include debossing, embossing, printing, laser printing, hot foil, and metallization.
  5. Provide us with a vector drawing of your preferred design for your t-cork.
  6. Once we’ve received your vector, we will provide you with a quote. Our quote will include variables and typically, a one-time tooling fee.
  7. Following the quote approval, we will have the factory send you the technical drawings.
  8. Upon approval of the final artwork, your project will commence*.

*Note: Minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces. We require 10-12 weeks lead time and 3-4 weeks for shipping.

If you have questions about custom t-cork designs, our process, or any other bottle closure questions, contact the team at A.O. Wilson.