Cork: The Natural Choice for a Sustainable Closure

Cork is a 100% renewable, recyclable and sustainable resource; a natural choice for many winemakers.

There is a great deal of momentum right now in the wine world when it comes to sustainability. Wineries are feeling pressure from wine critics, retailers, consumers and their respective governments to lower their environmental footprint. Sustainability is a balance between economic, social and environmental values and it starts from practices in the Vineyard, to packaging and closure solutions. Not to mention, sustainable practices contribute to wine quality.

Countless wineries are converting their conventional wineries into organic farms. Conventional farming practices use Round Up or the generic name, Glyphosate. These practices hurt the vines, soil bicrobiome, nature and the person who inevitably consumes the wine from the grapes that were grown using these harmful chemicals. Planting and encouraging native species is often the answer. Native plants can be planted along fences to discourage weeds from sprouting, that would inevitably need to be sprayed. Recreating healthy ecosystems in the vineyards with small flowering plants in the vineyards along the edges of the vines will encourage beneficial insects who require pollen and nectar to complete their life cycles.

Cork Oak trees are also a native species to Portugal, where Amorim’s cork is harvested. They have been around for dozens of millions of years and are here to stay! A.O. Wilson has built a solid relationship of trust, reliability and transparency with Amorim Cork America over the many years that we have done business together. Amorim is the World Leader in Cork and pride themselves on rigorous research and quality control and sustainability initiatives, including helping forest owners understand how they can do better with their crop.

“A cork oak tree can live up to 200 years, during which time it may be harvested 15 to 18 times. The cork tree is the only oak species whose bark regenerates itself after harvest.

Cork Oak forests are hotspots for biodiversity. Cork forests improve the soil’s organic matter, contribute to regulate the hydrological cycle, while acting as a deterrent against social desertification. Cork harvesting is also the best paid agricultural work in the world, due to the expertise and care it requires.” – Amorim Cork America

With being the largest global exporter of cork and having sales in more than 100 countries, Amorim has a vested interest in its carbon footprint.

There is a high demand for wines that come from a facility that understands the importance of sustainability, and cork certainly plays a role in achieving that goal.  

Check out all of your Amorim cork options at different price points on our natural cork stopper page.

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David Lisle

Western OPS Associate

David began his journey in the beverage industry working for a medium sized winery in West Kelowna, where he resides. With his mechanical aptitude and attention to detail, he rapidly worked his way up to Cellar Master. His next stop along the way was in the mobile services aspect of the industry doing custom work and filtration for various clients throughout the Okanagan and Similkameen regions of British Columbia. He later moved on to the mobile bottling field where he honed his trouble shooting skills and became acquainted with the finer points of packaging and packaging application.

David is eager to assist you with any challenges that may arise to ensure your end product looks its finest.

In his spare time David enjoys the outdoors, particularly fishing and camping.

Kevin Robinson

Senior Warehouse Associate

Kevin is our friendly delivery man and all-around warehouse associate
Having run his own company for many years, Kevin knows what it takes to deliver exemplary customer service. There isn’t a job too large or too small for Kevin to handle and he is always ready to assist. His gentle and friendly nature along with being so versatile is what really makes him an asset to our team. We are happy to have him on board.

Stuart Elias


An Erin local, graduated in 2017 from Durham College, is eager to showcase his ability to perform and his willingness to learn. He possesses a strong work ethic in anything he does and displays that in the workplace. With that being said, Stuart has ventured into a brand new setting, the alcoholic beverage industry with an open mind hoping to gain as much experience as possible. Stuart is our French correspondent.

Stuart is a passionate hockey fan as well as an avid golfer. Has a strong love for music and loves spending time with family and friends.

John Koszwika

Operations analyst

The AOW team is happy to announce the onboarding of John Kosziwka in the position of Operations Analyst. His primary responsibilities include supporting management with research, design & execution of operational efficiency projects in the areas of inventory control, purchasing and finance. His positive attitude and excellent people skills make him a natural to assist our team in customer service and sales.

John has extensive experience in the restructuring of costing and quoting procedures for greater efficiency at large firms.

John completed his bachelor degree in Economics at Guelph University and lives and loves local. In his spare time, he very much enjoys sports, good food and cottage weekends are the best. You can’t help but love this guy. Please contact him to set up a meet & greet to discuss your packaging and processing needs.

Victoria De Melo

Customer Service Manager

With a background in Supply Chain, Customer Service and Project Management, Victoria has adapted to her role at A.O. Wilson quite nicely.
You will likely find her on the phone, assisting customers, arranging freight with our awesome European suppliers, or processing online orders through our revamped website. Look out for her writing in upcoming blog posts and newsletters as well! When she is not at the office, she enjoys hiking, kayaking and spending time with her family in the town of Erin. She even brews her own Kombucha!

Her time spent in Tuscany really sparked her interest for wine and winemaking. You could say she was destined to be a part of the team at AO Wilson!

Hubert Oliver

Western Operations

Hubert has seen the wine industry from both sides, from a winery perspective and from a supplier’s point of view.
He is therefore a valuable asset to the company and his persistence has never let anyone down.
Hubert keeps plenty busy servicing our Canadian and U.S. customers on the west coast, but drop him a line, he’d love to hear from you!

Jeremy McDougall

Chief Financial Officer

After graduating from the Accounting honours program at Humber College, Jeremy has gained accounting experience in the private sector coming from logistics and large-scale print organizations as well as the public non-profit sector. Jeremy excels in numbers and is therefore a natural in this position. He is now happy to share his skills with our excellent team at AO Wilson.
Jeremy loves spending quality time with his wonderful family and great friends. He is an avid baseball fan and is a sanctioned slo pitch umpire. When inside, he can be heard passionately playing tracks in his studio on one of 6 instruments. Lucky neighbours!!

Brandon Erickson

Assistant General Manager

Brandon joined our team in January of 2017. His education in Business Administration, Purchasing and Blueprint have helped him become a detail oriented and analytical team player who focuses on the team’s success through individual excellence. In his young career, Brandon has already gained lots of experience in satisfying customer needs through his excellent interpersonal and sales skills. His troubleshooting skills are especially valuable in finding appropriate and quick solutions with equipment troubles.
A call with Brandon will tell the tale of superior Customer Service.
When not at the office, you will find Brandon devoting his time to his passion for cars and bikes.

Anne-Marie Rasenberg

VP Operations

Anne-Marie came to Canada in 1989 from the Netherlands with a family business background.
Anne-Marie joined the team in 1999. Her business background made for an easy transition to become employed by A.O. Wilson Ltd. and has developed herself in many areas of the company from accounting to inside sales to marketing planning etc.
Her versatility and knowledge is an asset for our small business oriented environment and makes her invaluable. She will go the extra mile to help you with any questions you may have. Connect with Anne-Marie for more information.

Graham Wilson


Graham is the president of the company and comes with many years of experience. Sales come natural to him and was basically spoon fed as a third generation groomed to run A.O. Wilson company.
He is a graduate of Ryerson University in mechanical engineering. His education has helped him being able to analyze and solve any problems with mechanically operated devices/equipment we offer or you might have.
Graham is very knowledgeable in every aspect of the products we sell. Whether you are looking for a new package design, have problems with your equipment or simply wish to speak to him, please give him a call.