Corks are an essential part of the winery business. Corks may be small in size, but they can have a big impact on the quality, shelf-life, and taste of your wines.

With this in mind, Amorim has started to develop a new product and process to improve the quality of natural corks. Here’s what you need to know and how these new advancements could impact your wine business:

TCA-Free Corks

Amorim is one of the biggest suppliers of corks, and they’re on a mission to make all of their corks TCA-free by 2020. Trichloroanisole (TCA) is a potent chemical that may cause musty aromas and flavours in your wines, so having TCA-free corks could help your wines maintain their true flavours.

TCA is a naturally-occurring substance that you may find throughout your winery, so the fact that it is present in corks is not alarming or unusual. But Amorim’s commitment to providing wineries with the highest quality products means you’ll be able to continue producing high-quality wines.

NDtech Technology

So how does Amorim ensure that their corks remain TCA-free? Previously, this process hasn’t been possible without causing damage to the corks themselves. And when it comes to testing each cork, this process used to take up to 14 minutes per cork — a totally unsustainable amount of time for a production line in a winery.

However, with new developments in technology, Amorim has found a way to test one cork for TCA in 14 seconds. Amorim uses NDtech, a quality control screening technology. This technology allows Amorim to deliver the first TCA-free natural corks on the market. Any corks that go through this detection process must have less than 0.5 nanograms per litre of TCA to be considered TCA-free.

Amorim continues to work on this technology and are currently developing an automated process for TCA detection.

Better Corks, Better Wines

While there are plenty of options for stoppers on the market, nothing beats the quality of a natural cork. With this new technology and commitment to TCA-free natural corks, Amorim’s corks are truly the highest quality natural corks on the market.

Natural cork has an elasticity that provides an inviolable seal for your wines. The benefits of a natural cork stopper go all the way down to its basic cellular structure, which includes a combination of oxygen and complex phenolic compounds.

What does this mean for your wines? Cork will provide your wines with the properties they need to age properly in the bottles and increase their antioxidant properties. With Amorim’s new technology, you get all of the benefits of natural cork without the risk of TCA contamination.

A O Wilson has been a proud partner of Amorim’s for over 15 years, and we’re excited to carry this innovative, new product. Learn more about natural cork stoppers from Amorim, and contact us for help with finding the perfect cork stopper for your wines.