A.O. Wilson is proud of their new enology product line by DAL CIN and since its arrival, already has had raving success across Canada.

DAL CIN offers a full range of fermentation ( yeasts, bacteria, enzymes), fining and stabilization products for the food & beverage industry. DAL CIN is a leader in innovations and trendsetting of modern world enology products.

Alcoholic fermentation is categorized in the following groups;

Yeast - Premium - Enodoc line exclusive for Dal Cin (by Danstar Ferment)



ENODOC™ is a complete line of specific yeasts and bacteria produced exclusively for DAL CIN by Danstar Ferment, Denmark.

ENODOC™ FA-01  Fermentation Assuree

Quick and safe fermentation even under very difficult conditions.

ENODOC™ BA-02  Blanc Aromatic

Induces white wines with fresh and fruity flavours even with low nitrogen content or clear musts. Ideal for ready to drink wines.

ENODOC™ BM-04  Blanc Mousseaux

Specific for re-fermentations in tank or bottle (sparkling wines) with high alcohol resistance. Suggested for “sur lies” ageing (Chardonnay etc.)

ENODOC™ BV-03  Blanc Varietal

Enhances the natural varietal flavours while maintaining their main characteristics. It is also a safe strain with strong activity and low nutrition needs, making smooth fermentations possible; even under difficult conditions. Great for Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscat and Sauvignon Blanc and stuck fermentations.

ENODOC™ RJ-11  Rouge Jeune

Enhances fresh fruity aromas, berry fruit flavours with smooth tannins on the palate in young red wines. RJ-11 is among the most powerful strains on the market which is not sensitive to possible wild yeasts. Strong activity even at high temperatures (38-40°C). SO2 resistant.It is able to preserve the colour of the grape; its action on antocyannins leads to the highest intensity of colour.

ENODOC™ RG-12  Rouge de Garde

Develops intense typical varietal flavours ( plum, jam, berries) with a spicy aroma, subtle tannins and big mouthfeel even after long ageing ( 3-10 years). It has the ability to produce a higher content of polysaccharides and glycerol which contributes to colour stability as well. RG-12 is resistant to high temperatures up to 35°C.

Yeast - Economy -Fervens line by Dal Cin



FERVENS yeast line offers an excellent base for each winemaking opportunity that best suits the grape variety, grape quality, winery practices, winemaker’s inspiriation to satisfy the markets demand. The Fervens yeast line is very competitively priced.


Fervens GN

S. Cerevisiae. Enhances varietal aromatics and varietal flavours. Suitable for red, white, rosé and nouveau wines. Very resistant to high levels of free SO2.

Fervens TREBBY

S. Cerevisiae. For fresh fruity white wines obtained from neutral grape varieties or grapes. Induces the production of esters and acetates in high nitrogen environments.

Fervens PRO6

S. Bayanus. For re-fermentations in tank or bottle sparkling wines. Produces wines with fresh fruit and floral expression. Proven to produce high quality Processco in Italy.

Fervens Berry

S. Cerevisiae. For the production of rosé wines and young red wines which will be aged for a medium amount of time. Produces high fruit note and good colour quality.

Fervens MS-08

S. Cerevisiae. Produces full bodied, structured red wines. Resistant to high levels of alcohol. Proven in Italy to retain high varietal quality in Appassimento/Ripasso wines.

Fervens SLC

S. Cerevisiae. Safe primary fermentation for white, rosé and red wines. For high production wines/operations.

Fervens SLB

S. Bayanus.  Safe re-fermentation for tank produced sparkling wines. For high production wines/operations.

Yeast Nutrients

Yeast Nutrients

Yeast Nutrients banner green

DAL CIN offers various nutrients tailored to help reach the best possible alcoholic fermentation results.

DAL CIN is proud to possess its own patent on two nutrient lines, Polimersei™ and Lisem™ as well as the NO MESS…NO DUST…ONLY VITALITY  MiniTubes™ technology. Read more about this unique MiniTubes™ technology.

WynTube Prepara

Specialty nutrient for yeast rehydration in miniTubes ™ that is extremely rich in sterols, long chain unsaturated fatty acids and oligo elements ( vitamins, mineral salts, amino acid nitrogen). WynTube Prepara leads to better aromatic expression, reduction in volatile acidity and reductive off flavours.


WynTube Full

Complete yeast nutrient for alcoholic fermentation which can be used in every fermentation phase. It contains all the vitamins of the B group (Thiamine, Riboflavin ( low dose), Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin and Niacin.

Lisem™ DC

Yeast nutrient produced from purified yeast cell walls and is ideal for stuck and sluggish fermentations.  Lisem™ DC will supply a reserve of available nitrogen and trace elements which the yeast cells can use during the alcoholic fermentation which will make critical factors such as high alcohol, low must FAN, starter preparation etc. less difficult.

Polimersei™ DC

Fermentation aid based on pre-treated cellulose for the absorption of self-toxins a more balanced fermentation ( preventative action). Over the years, an increasing number of enologists have been able to verify its properties and appreciate its diverse advantages. Wines made with Polimersei™ DC, either at the beginning of or halfway through the fermentation process are generally cleaner from an organoleptic view which indicates a less stressed yeast metabolism. Generally, Polimersei™ DC permits a greater synthesis of fermentation aromas and an easier utilisation of sugar.

Lattivante™ for MLF

Nutrient for Malolactic Fermentation with nitrogenous compounds and it possesses a specific absorption action for toxins which cleans the media.

Malolactic Bacteria

Malolactic Bacteria

Malolactic fermentation


MBR strain ( Membrane Improved) for safe ML fermentation, very clean and quick to use ( one step). It provides very good MLF with enhancing of organoleptic characteristics of wines, even if difficult situation. Wines using ML-Fast have a pleasant complexity of flavours ( light “buttery” taste) and aromas for both red and white wines.



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Pectazina LS (Ultrasi 4Skin) 

Pectazina LS is a liquid enzyme formulation built on a pool of complimentary activities and developed for the clarification and maceration of white grapes with aromatic varietal extraction activity. Pectazina LS provides a quick hydrolysis of pectinolytic substances while facilitating and accelerating the separation of turbidity present in the must.

Ultrasi Darkberry

Ultrasi Darkberry is a powder enzyme which offers both pectinolytic activity and a rapid extraction power of colour (anthocyanins) and non-astringent tannins from the red grape skins during maceration for full bodied wines. Ultrasi Darkberry gives excellent results in terms of colour and aroma when used during cold prefermentation maceration.



TANNINS banner

Tannex Flash

Tannex Flash is used in conjunction with Ultrasi Darkberry during red wine fermentation. The addition of Tannex Flash during tank filling will ensure the stabilisation of free anthocyanins likely to be subject to oxidative reactions and subsequent precipitation. The end result is a better colour stability maintaining hue and density. For mouldy grapes, the use of Tannex Flash during picking, crushing, pressing or directly into the juice negates the oxidative effects of polyphenol oxidase.

Tanniblanc Flash

Tanniblanc Flash is a pure cream coloured tannin obtained from selected oak gall and develops more structured and full bodied white wines. Tanniblanc Flash has a positive effect on the process of aging, integrating and completing the polyphenolic wine properties.


Fining Agents

Fining Agents

Fining agents

The extensive experience of DAL CIN in the bentonite field has brought the company to an award winning level in the winemaking sector.


Inorganic, activated purified bentonite filaments with a very high absorbing power to give brilliance to wine at a low dosage ( avoiding over fining). Gelbentonite™ DC is classified as “special” because of its purity and high activity suitable for premium white and red wines.


Organic fining agent for stabilization and sensory finishing touching for white and rose wines.


Organic fining agent which provides a brilliant red colour, increased filtration capacity, oxidative colour defect corrections, covers tannic astringency and big mouth feel.


A very concentrated, well-stabilized gelatine ( 25%)  solution for the clarification and fining of juice and wine.  It is used in combination with Sil-30 DC for an immediate and complete reaction resulting in a rapid clarification with little sediment

Sil-30 DC

Sil-30 DC is a colloidal suspension of very pure silica. When used in combination with Sologel-DC or other DalCin fining agents, it results in a rapid clarification and compact sediment.

Gelatina Nebulizzata

A very pure, fine gelatine powder, soluble in cold water for fining mashes, juices and wine. Gelatina Nebulizzata effectively fines and precipitates pectin, colloids and tannins.


Grandecó is a plant based active decolourizing carbon in miniTubes ™ with high absorbent capacity for colorant substances in wine. It corrects polyphenolic compound content and potential chromatic discrepancies that can occur during the production process. No dust and easy dispersion eliminates problems associated with powder.


Carb-OFF is a deodorizing carbon in miniTubes™ to correct sensory defects in red and white wine provoked by Botrytis or other contaminating micro organisms. No dust and easy dispersion eliminates problems associated with powder.



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Karmelosa L

Carboxymethyl cellulose ( CMC) is used for wine tartrate stabilization. It blocks potassium tartrate formation and growth.

Karmelosa L is used on clear wines which are ready for final filtration. Using Karmelosa L will reduce the impacts which are linked to cold stabilization.

Super 40™ Special

Super 40™ Special is a pure metatartaric acid for tartrate stabilization with a high esterification index which avoids and prevents colloidal hazing at low temperatures. Ready for final filtration immediately after addition to the wine.

Gommarabica™ DC

A very high concentrated liquid Arabic gum, cold filtered and stabilized to increase wine roundness, volume, stability and structure.

REDOX Longevity

Redox Longevity prevents “light struck” colour ( browning) and aroma loss ( impressions of cabbage, wet wool, onion or garlic) .  It can be added to a wine ready for bottling.

The “light-struck” taste is a defect that is prevalent in white and rosé wines that are bottled in clear ( flint) glass and are exposed to light for a considerable amount of time.


Floating, preserving, made of pure paraffin tablets containing very small quantities of allyl isothiocyanate. These activated tablets float to protect the wine surface from spoilage film yeasts and other microbial changes that lead to a volatile acidity and acetaldehyde increase.

Flor-Stop loses its effect when the essence’s smell is weak. Usually after 20-30 days with high temperatures and 2-3 months in “normal” conditions.

Superdisacidante DC

Superdisacidante DC is a mixture of potassium hydrogen-carbonate, neutral potassium tartrate and calcium carbonate for treatment against acidity of wine.

Citric Acid

 A very pure form of monohydrate citric acid. This additive is approved for food & beverage use.

Potassium Sorbate

A very pure form of potassium salt of sorbic acid which suppresses yeast and mold growth. This additive is approved for food & beverage use.

Potassium Bicarbonate

A very pure form of potassium hydrogen carbonate. This additive is approved for food & beverage use.

Potassium metabisulphite

A very pure form of potassium disulphite used for sulphurizing mashes, must and young wines. This additive is approved for food & beverage use.

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