New BECOPAD format for depth filter sheets is the BECODISC

The BECOPAD Success Story Continues

Spring is around the corner and this means filtration is a’buzz!

If you are not already using our exclusive BECOPAD, here is another reason for you to do so: BECOPAD material is now available in BECODISC stacked disc cartridges.

The BECOPAD depth filter medium from Eaton’s Begerow Product Line has the reputation of providing the maximum purity possible. These filter sheets provide depth filtration using a material consisting of only high-purity cellulose and wet strength materials.

Although BECOPAD is not new on the market, the new BECOPAD format of stacked disc cartridges comes with a number of advantages and enhancements, which offer truly amazing benefits to users. Here are the highlights:

  • Truly backwashable BECOPAD depth filter medium
  • No special equipment required for use with existing systems

More Info on BECODISC Stacked Disc Cartridges

Let’s sum up the advantages of the BECOPAD depth filter medium again:

  • No mineral components, therefore low ion content
  • 20% increase in filtration performance
  • Very good chemical and mechanical resistance, high wet strength
  • Low charge-related absorption
  • 50% less water required for pre-flushing and regeneration
  • Reduced drip loss by 99%
  • Higher number in filtration cycles reduces cost and increases

We can’t forget to mention the incredible efficiency of this product either…

  • Maximum filtration hygiene
  • Biodegradable
  • Preserves colour and aromas

The benefits are clear! BECODISC stacked disc cartridges are perfect for a wide variety of tasks, including coarse, clarification, fine filtration, microbe reduction and microbe removal.

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Liquid measuring device is the perfect tool for accurate blending in Canada

Liquid Measuring Device

Our liquid measuring device is the perfect tool to help you achieve accurate blending!

Great for use in wineries, distilleries, and breweries, this excise-approved liquid control device uses a precision electromagnetic flow transmitter, linked with a user-friendly keypad display, to provide you with precise flow measurements.

This liquid measuring device will track parameters such as:

  • Flow Rates
  • Flow Totals
  • Temperature
  • And Batch Volumes

By acting as an all-in-one flow meter, thermometer and flow sensor, our liquid measuring device can help ensure accurate management of any liquid product. This is the perfect application for:

  • Tank Calibrations
  • Inventory Control
  • Product Transfer
  • In-Plant Meter Verification
  • Batch Control
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Products with a Max. Content of 20% Alcohol

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Barrel room at the dark horse estate winery in grand bend, ontario

Barrel Racks: From Barrels to Perfect Blending

Your barrel racks play an important role in the image you present to the outside world, especially visitors to your winery, cidery or distillery. Are they aesthetically pleasing to visitors? Will they look great in professional photographs of your facility?

At the same time, these barrel racks need to be a functional part of your production setup. They must be able to safely store your products for extended periods of time, without needing to be replaced. How do you find a solution that combines these two needs?

Look no further than the beautiful barrel racking system, recently installed at Dark Horse Estate Winery in Grand Bend, Ontario. Shown above in their barrel room, this custom rotating barrel racking system is not only fully functional, but very appealing and perfectly in synch with their decor.

Barrel room at Two Sisters winery at Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario

Transform Your Barrel Room

pod-barrel-racking-system-canadaTransform your barrel room into a state of the art masterpiece within your operation. Using our custom barrel racking systems, made in Canada, you can proudly open your doors to anyone! With our custom barrel racking options, you have access to it all:

  • Stationary racking systems
  • Roller systems
  • Rotary “pod systems
  • Aluminum barrel racks
  • And more!

Book an on-site consultation to begin the transformation today! Contact us to get started with a barrel racking solution.

Everything elevage after the harvest image with fermentation tank for wine in Canada

Everything Élevage After the Harvest

With a great harvest behind us and our yields fermenting nicely, it is now time to put the focus on élevage. We are introducing the “After the Harvest” guide which covers essential élevage DalCin products used to produce high quality finished wines. This guide includes the following topics in élevage:

DalCin Yeast Products from AO Wilson Guelph Ontario Canada

AOW Harvest Guide

Crush is Coming! Be Harvest Ready with our Premium Line of DalCin Enology Products

Are you ready for harvest or are you a last minute ordering customer like so many? No matter how you like to go about placing your orders, we’ve got you covered! We know that placing orders can be a time consuming process so we’ve made it easier by creating a Harvest order form, that you can find below. It includes a brief description of each DalCin product, the dosage rates, and the price all in one place!

Harvest Order Form


Complementing the line-up of our premium DalCin’s Enodoc yeasts (by Danstar Ferment) alongside the economically priced Fervens yeast line, we offer complex yeast nutrients available in the miniTubes technology at very competitive pricing.

A O Wilson - DalCin Minitubes Canada

Products available in the miniTubes technology ensures complete dispersion from beverage production of wine, cider and juice, without the dust, waste, and mess. This technology is aimed at increasing beverage quality and production efficiency. DalCin’s R & D department is applying this technology to an increasing number of their existing as well as new, innovative products.

Check out our Harvest Guide to learn more information about the DalCin products we currently carry in stock. Our range of DalCin products is continuously expanding and we regularly update our guide to provide the most current product information.

AOW Harvest Guide


You can also check out our Beverage Treatment by DalCin in the products section of our site.

The AO Wilson team is on a mission to become the best resource for your beverage packaging needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions!

NDtech for TCA Free Natural Cork by Amorim


NDtech for natural cork stoppers by Amorim


Amorim, the world’s leading cork producer, has stood at the forefront of technological innovation in its sector and has now unveiled something that promises to revolutionise the wine industry – individualized screening of every natural wine cork to deliver a non detectable TCA guarantee – NDtech

The combination of ancestral knowledge with the latest technological innovations is a hallmark of modern wine production.

The same principle drives the cork industry, applying state of the art techniques to one of the world’s most amazing natural products – natural cork.

Amorim is proud to unveil NDtech – an individualized quality control service for premium cork stoppers which guarantees the world’s first TCA-taint free natural cork. TCA ( 2,4,6NDtech Wine Bottle Supplies and Wine Corks in Ontario-Trichloroanisole) is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in many contexts such as drinking water, coffee, beer, vegetables, fruit, wood and soil.

NDtech uses cutting edge, fast chromatography equipment which analyses each cork in seconds for TCA levels at a precision level with more than 0.5 nanograms of TCA per liter. This is equivalent to one drop of water in 800 Olympic size swimming pools! Corks with a level of 0.5 nanograms/liter are removed from the production line automatically.

Winemakers can now use natural cork, the supreme guardian for wine, with an unprecedented quality control service that effectively eliminates the risk of cork taint by ensuring that if any TCA remains present in the cork, it is below the detection threshold of 0.5 nanograms/liter.

The new screening technology is complimented by Amorim’s existing preventative, curative and quality control methods including its unique patented ROSA* Evolution treatment p
rocess for the production of all corks.

  • ROSA treatment system is based on controlled steam distillation whereby steam and water under pressure force out volatile compounds within the cork cells. ROSA is being applied to cork granules and natural discs as well as all natural cork stoppers although in a slightly more gentle way.

Winemakers around the world rely on Amorim’s dedication to supplying the world’s best cork stoppers. NDtech is the latest step in this ongoing commitment and is regarded as a breakthrough revolution in the growing market that perceives natural cork as the preferred wine closure and is consistently associated with quality wine.



As with any other product, cork is potentially subject to maladies, in particular the eventual presence of the naturally occurring chemical compound TCA that may be found in the soil, the bark, water, etc.

 What is TCA?

TCA is a group of chemical compounds known as chloro-anisoles and is naturally occurring in the environment. TCA is commonly known as the leading cause of “corked wine” so called as natural bark closures infected with TCA were thought to be the primary vehicle of transmission into the wine. At high levels, TCA imparts a musty or moldy character to the wine or, at low levels, simply suppresses the wine’s fruit characters. TCA is a naturally occurring company and is not known to cause any risk. Normally, a glass of wine has about the same TCA as a glass of orange juice unless either is tainted. It’s all really a matter of personal sensory thresholds, those of recognition and ultimately of rejection.


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Why Choose Natural Cork


Natural cork is the most renewable and sustainable closure. It still offers the best seal for a fine wine and has been proven to withstand the test of time. Recently, a 113 year old bottle of wine was recently uncorked and sampled…

Natural cork’s elasticity ensures an inviolable seal while its cellular structure harbours a unique mixture of oxygen and complex phenolic compounds that enables wines to age perfectly in the bottle, reinforcing their antioxidant properties and delivering the distinctive qualities that wine lovers appreciate around the world.
Cork finished wines are able to secure a price premium in comparison with wines sealed with alternative closures. Annual brand sales of wine sealed with cork closures have increased by 7% compared to the previous year. Courtesy – AC Nielsen data.

 Contact AO Wilson to learn more about the benefits of using natural cork products.

The Cork Myth

Wine Corks and Wine Making Supplies in Ontario

While visiting different restaurants in the last month, I was advised by the waiting staff that wines are converting more towards screw cap closures due to the shortage of natural cork. It is an absolute myth that the world’s cork supply is coming to an end.

Why Is This Myth So Popular?

Cork is in the bark of the Cork Oak tree, Quercus Suber predominantly found in Southwestern Europe and Northwest Africa. This oak tree can live to be over 400 years old. After the tree reaches its maturity, the cork bark is harvested every nine years and the tree lives on and sustains itself to renew another layer of cork in another nine years.

A well managed cork oak forest can sequester 14.7 tons of CO2 per hectare per year. The importance of cork oak forests in fighting climate changes has long been praised by prestigious international institutions such as WWF. Ensuring the vitality and regeneration of the cork oak forests is a way of fighting desertification in light of the significant canopy cover changes expected in the present setting of climate changes. As long as there are cork trees, we will never run out of cork supply.

CBS News featured a video of correspondent Martha Teichner in the cork forests of Portugal’s Algarce region. Click here to watch the video!

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BenchMAX bottle labeler and wine making supplies in Ontario

Get LABEL Perfect

Showing off the fruits of your labour with new labeling is like a breath of fresh air.

Get your bottles LABEL-perfect with great labelers designed and made by Great Engineering, Australia. Great Engineering labelers are known for their effortless efficiency, accuracy, reliability and longevity. A.O. Wilson has all models available for immediate shipping.



BenchMAX bottle labeler and wine making supplies in Ontario

Will suit businesses that label from 150,000 up to 1,000,000+ containers per year.  Suitable for all container diameters larger than 8 mm (3/8 inch).





BenchMARK Labeler and wine bottles in Ontario


Will suit businesses that label from 50,000 up to 250,000+ containers per year.
Suitable for container diameters larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch)





BenchDELUXE Labeler and wine making equipment in Ontario
Will suit businesses that label from 150,000 up to 1,000,000+ containers per year. For container diameters larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch)





BenchMATE Labeler and wine making supplies in Ontario

Suitable for new businesses labelling up to 60,000+ containers per year.
For diameters larger then 18mm (3/4 inch) & larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch)




Contact us to learn more about out Great Engineering bottle labelers.

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