Why A.O. Wilson is a model supplier for the Canadian wine industry

Over the years, A.O. Wilson has experienced many ups and downs alongside the Canadian beverages industry—so it’s no surprise that they’re excited by the opportunities available in recent years! New businesses are springing up and the company is looking forward to growing alongside these fresh faces.

A.O. Wilson has been serving the beverages industry for 70 years now. Founded by Graham’s grandfather in 1945, the company’s initial success with breweries evolved to focus more on local wineries in 1970s. Since then, A.O. Wilson has been remained committed to providing Canadian winemakers with the latest technological advantages, high-quality products and exceptional service. 

To achieve these goals, A.O. Wilson has established strong partnerships with local and international suppliers alike. Many of these suppliers are also family-owned and operated—similar to A.O. Wilson themselves. This network of like-minded companies is what allows Graham and his team to continue expanding their services in new ways:

“We’re looking to start working more with producers of sparkling wines,” Graham elaborates. “For example, we offer custom-printed wire caps, in small quantities of around 1000, through one of our partners. If you’re getting married, you can put your picture on top of the bottle and offer them at the reception. It’s a very unique product—one of many!” 

A.O. Wilson’s specialty has always been their wide range of packaging options: capsules and closures, corks and screw caps. But the company has managed to become a “one stop shop” supplier for wineries, without compromising quality or service. Beside this variety, the company’s big advantage is their 20,000+ square foot warehouse, located in Erin, Ontario. 

“We can ship across Canada from Erin, or from our other warehouse space in Kelowna, B.C.” Graham explains. “This inventory allows us to accommodate orders that another company wouldn’t be able to handle. It really sets us apart from our competitors.” 

It’s clear why A.O. Wilson is a model supplier to the Canadian wine industry: their experience, family-oriented approach, and high-quality products provide an advantage!